5 ways to amp up your intuition

Jun 1, 2021 | Choice, Honesty, Intuition

I use my intuition constantly. So do you (even if you don’t know it.) 

Over the years, I learned to be more and more intuitive, to trust it, and to be more precise in sensing it. You can, too. 

Start by learning how to listen to it, even when it’s just a whisper.

  • That feeling when you get an instant hit of knowing something is true without knowing why. 
  • When you’re thinking about someone and suddenly you bump into them. 
  • That inner whisper that you needed to do something, not knowing why, and then being so glad you listened.

As I work with a client, I use my intuition to look at energies – where the root cause of their issue is stored in their body – mentally, emotionally, or physically.

 It could be:

  • A held thought or belief that is a misunderstanding. 
  • An unresolved emotion that needs to be cleared so they can let go of stored pain and keep the lesson.
  • A physical blockage of energy that presents as a headache or joint pain that needs to be opened.

Sometimes, I’m caught by surprise when my intuition takes me to unique circumstances.

Many years ago, a new client reached out to me, desperate for help. 

After her father’s sudden, fatal car crash months earlier, she kept dreaming that he was phoning her.

In her dream, when she answered the call, he would cry and scream at her for not allowing him to see her or his grandchildren anymore. She felt confused and horrified – especially when during her waking hours, the home phone would actually ring, and the line would be eerily silent when she answered.

I used my intuition to tune into her father by reading his energy. What I saw surprised even me …

Her father didn’t know he was dead. 

The accident had happened so quickly, he didn’t know he was a discarnate (without a body) trapped on this earth plane. Before we could support him in crossing over, I held space to educate his soul, bringing him up to date on his current circumstances. As we helped him cross over, the LOVE of the relationship remained, and any painful aspects of it were no longer fed. 

After her session, my client’s dreams and random no-one-on-the-line phone calls completely stopped. 

She felt a peace with her father’s death that she hadn’t been able to experience before. She described it as a calm peace versus all those tormented energies she’d been experiencing since his death.

It’s a joy to share my intuition with others – living or not – and to help them find peace. 

You have access to your intuition. And you can use it to create peace in your life. 

But not everyone is comfortable with their intuition, mostly because they don’t understand it.

Once a client asked me, “How do I know if it’s guidance or my ego telling me to do something?” This is a fabulous question. Truly connecting with your guidance or intuition is a superpower, and like most things, it gets stronger with practice.

This can be more challenging for overachievers, intellectual, or Type A personalities who tend to be fixated on an analytical, rational approach to life. When you learn how to be present within your heart, you’re able to give that inner self enough space to hear and receive support. 

Clearing layers of painful emotions is also key. When you’re caught up in your emotions, you can’t access the clarity and truth that intuition brings. 

As I work with people, I help them open to truth and to strengthen their intuition.

Learning to listen to nudges and trusting my gut helps me feel more connected in my personal and professional life. Guidance gives me razor-sharp focus and clarity on what I need to do – new ideas that my rational mind likely wouldn’t have considered. 

My intuition also lets me know when something feels off. There are times when gathering data is essential. But ultimately, I know I need to get quiet and listen to my inner GPS if something doesn’t feel good. 

Practice makes powerful. The more you practice, the more you’ll hear and trust your inner guidance. 

You’ll find yourself feeling more connected, less stressed out, and ready to meet your day open-heartedly. 

Here are 5 ways to connect and align with your intuition.

  1. Quiet your mind and open your heart. 
    • Pay attention to what you love and what lights you up.
    • Get quiet. This is where you hear your intuition best. Walking. Relaxing. Meditating. Being grateful for the present moment.
    • Feel the joy of laughing. Taking yourself too seriously is a downer and disconnects you from your intuition.  
    • As your intuition increases, you easily feel your heart’s wisdom.
  1. Feel your feelings. 
    • You can tell if you’re connected to your intuition/inner guidance by the way you feel. 
    • When you’re connected, true guidance may be sassy, irreverent and playful, but it will always be kind. If you’re guided to do something and the tone of your guidance is mean, attacking, and unkind, then you know it isn’t true guidance. 
    • With practice, you’ll act with more certainty without waiting for hard proof and confirmation. Listening to your gut can help you get a good parking spot or even save your life.
    • Your intuitive answers may come as a whisper or a shouting wake-up call. 
  1. Pay attention. Trust in synchronicity. 
    • When you have a feeling or sense that you need to do something, listen. Who knows? One time I was in a grocery store and was guided to a certain aisle to look for snow boots for my son. It was very odd, but I’ve long since learned to pay attention to my guidance. This grocery store randomly carries seasonal things and changes what they carry each week. There in the middle of the aisle was a size 12 pair of men’s snow boots with leather uppers. 
    • What recurring themes do you notice in your life? Do you have a dream that is on repeat? Do you keep thinking about someone you haven’t seen for years? 
    • Notice experiences that seem coincidental. Ask your inner guide to show you more details and offer insight into what it was about. 
  1. Practice consistently connecting with yourself. 
    • When you have a question, get quiet and ASK yourself what you need to do for your highest good. Then stop and listen. 
    • Ask questions like, “Which lane should I be in?” when you’re driving. Ask, “What food does my body want me to eat?” Then listen. It may feel like playing a game, but the more you play the better you get. 
    • At times, you may feel confused as your mind fights the clarity in your heart. You may not always get the answer you want to hear. Pay attention to sensations in your body. You may have a gut feeling of what you need to do, or you may know it in your heart. This will take practice as you learn to trust yourself and the answers you get.
  1. Set a clear intention each day to be open to signals
    • Notice where you find resistance or blocks. This may come as a contraction or tightness in your body.
    • Sit quiet and start asking yourself questions and then listen for your answers. They may come as an impulse or feeling, as a voiceless voice, or a knowing.
    • Keep a journal of things that happen each day that remind you of your intuition – things like coincidences or things that happen that surprise you. This helps etch those things into your memory and grow your intuitive muscle.

For a more in depth look at intuition and your ability to strengthen it, download my free guide here.

Developing and strengthening the connection with your intuition takes time and practice and is an investment in yourself. 

I’ve always been intuitive in nature. I’ve spent thousands of hours and dollars to hone this ability. Today, I get paid to use my intuition to help people. I read energies. This isn’t as weird as it sounds. Well maybe it is, but it works. 😉 

Make today the day that you start living more intuitively … so you can consciously create a life you love!  

Join me and a supportive community of heart-centered women in my monthly program as we explore topics including prosperity, control, relationships, anger … all that glamorous stuff that life throws your way. 😎


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