got pain? use these 6 steps to heal

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What happens when you’ve been told you shouldn’t feel the way you feel? Or when you’ve been taught not to trust your emotions?

All that energy gets stuck in your body as held pain that ends up running the show. Your unresolved emotions today have everything to do with the pain you experienced back then.

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I’m the Intuitive Guide and Healer who helps people who are tired of being on the struggle bus and want the pain to go away.

I’ve gotten my ass kicked and I help others un-kick theirs!

Together we:

  1. Unlearn bullshit beliefs you don’t even know you have.
  2. Release the freeze responses of trauma keeping you locked in pain and struggle so you can free up your life force. (Trauma is anything from the past that still feels like a punch in your gut when you think about it.)

I can help you quiet the noise, work through messy feelings, and make peace with your troubled past so you can consciously create a life you FRICKEN LOVE.

I feel like I am more authentically me.

I feel I have a greater value of myself and that is priceless. I feel like space has opened up to me being able to do the things in life I have always wanted to do. I feel like I am more authentically me.


My Entire Life has Shifted

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Since working with Rita my entire life has shifted and for the first time in my life I am able to experience love in its rawest form. I am more aware of the limitations I created in my life and in my relationships too.

Marcy Burns
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With her support, I found solutions within myself that I didn’t even know were there. Miraculously, I saw everything around me change for the better … after I changed myself. It sounds easy but it takes work. I love “working” with Rita and highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for another way.

Erika Brask

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