Are you creating prosperity or scarcity in your life?

Feb 26, 2023 | Choice, Enjoy Life

Have you ever noticed how sometimes good things just come to you? And some days (or weeks or months) nothing seems to go your way? 

Or maybe you see others having the things you want most, but you can’t seem to find them for yourself. 

It’s easy to blame what’s happening to you on other people or situations.

But what if it’s really about how open you are to receiving –– or not. 

Did you know you’re giving and receiving vibrational energy all day long? 

Energy follows thought. So, when you think about things you don’t have, the Universe reacts and gives you more of that energy.

“I don’t have enough money.”

“Why am I not getting that promotion?”

“Why don’t I have more friends?”

“I hate it when my partner ignores me.”

“I wish I could afford that, or that, or that.”

When you focus on lack, those thoughts are actually arguing for your limitations. 

You’re creating the opposite of the vibrational energy you want. 

That fundamental law of attraction is explained by the late author and motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer in this video where he explains,

“The universe doesn’t hear ‘not.’ So when you overthink about the things you do not want, the universe reads your negative frequency and gives you more of it. The way out of this negative spiral is to think, do, and feel the positive things in your life.”

You can create more abundance than you ever thought possible by energetically digging in to clear and adjust vibrational blocks to prosperity.

I used to suck at receiving, whether it was money, others’ kindness, or even a simple compliment. 

It made me super uncomfortable.

What if I didn’t deserve what I was receiving? 

What if I was taking away something from someone else?

What if there were strings attached and I was expected to give something in return? 

Instead, giving let me avoid all those uncomfortable feelings. It was my emotional armor. 

When I gave, I got to control what I gave. That felt a billion times safer and less vulnerable.

Unknowingly, I had major trust issues (with myself). I found out the hard way that my controlling ways weren’t the answer. In fact, they were annoying, fun-sucking, prosperity-stifling barriers that kept me from living a juicy, vibrant life. 🙄

At the time, I didn’t know the secret sauce. You know – the idea that we all want to maintain our comfort zone – whether it’s from a balanced and happy place or not. The truth is: 

In a place of connection, you’ll reach for that which keeps you connected.

In a place of disconnect, you’ll reach for that which will keep you disconnected.

I remember that time my first husband came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me.

Roses, purple iris, baby’s breath, and greenery … They were gorgeous. But all I could feel was guilt and dread. Why?

As a young couple, we were struggling financially. I felt guilty that our resources were being used for flowers that would wilt and be gone in no time. It felt like a waste. It was the same feeling I had as a child. 

Back then, my parents viewed money (and abundance) through the eyes of scarcity. They were raised during the depression of the 1930s. So, they hammered into the heads of my siblings and I that spending money on frivolous things was wrong. (Not that wasteful spending is good. It isn’t. But so is not letting in joy.)

I remember feeling that there wasn’t enough to go around –– in my family or in the world. 

Something as simple as getting a candy bar from a vending machine at the ice-skating rink was NEVER going to happen. It was too expensive. My little girl mind told me I barely deserved to get into the skating rink.

I learned that scarcity and fear were necessary to keep me safe. 

I didn’t feel like I deserved those flowers. I also felt like I was hurting others by taking up space and using what felt like limited resources. 

Years later as an adult, being given that bouquet triggered those same feelings and beliefs — kicking my booty again. That pattern of disconnect from my childhood carried right over into my adulthood.

It’s not that there wasn’t enough to go around. It was the belief that I wasn’t worthy.

I just couldn’t see it. Until I could. 

Before I could have a new experience, I had to really look at how open I was to receiving. And that changed everything.

So how do you open to receive and create the prosperity you want?

  1. Become aware of all the abundance you already have.
  2. FEEL grateful for it. Let the feeling of gratitude wash through your body.
  3. Rinse and repeat.

I know it sounds so simple. But it’s so powerful.

Here’s how Internationally acclaimed author of The Abundance BookJohn Raldolph Price explains it:

“The energy of gratitude is one of the most powerful attracting forces in the universe. A heart filled with thanksgiving, even when appearances tell us that we are mired in scarcity, conflict, and affliction, moves us to a higher frequency in consciousness, and we soon witness reality shining through the illusion.”

The thing is, most people don’t spend time consciously feeling gratitude for things.

How often have you NOT felt gratitude for something until you lost it? For example: 

  • You didn’t feel gratitude for your eyesight until it started to wane.
  • You didn’t really value living without pain until you experienced it. 
  • You didn’t feel grateful for your loved ones until you lost connection with them. 

Losing things gives us awareness and gratitude of what we used to have.That contrast is an extraordinary gift. 

But what if you consciously spent time feeling gratitude for what you have NOW? What you focus on expands. 

When you look for reasons to be grateful, the Universe responds by showing you even more. 

Today, I’m in a relationship where I feel loved, valued, and respected. But I didn’t always have that.

Years ago, I had a partner who would eat dinner with me because he had to eat anyway. He would go on walks with me because he needed the exercise. I constantly chased after his approval, time and attention. I desperately wanted him to value me, and I was oblivious to all the ways I wasn’t valuing myself. 

There they were – those painful leftovers from my childhood. Again.

After 27 years of marriage, my relationship with my ex finally ended. Those childhood filters that clouded how I saw life would have continued had I not done my work to heal my relationship with myself. 

Now, I feel gratitude each and every day for the contrast life has handed me. 

Without that contrast and my hunger to change, I wouldn’t be open to the abundance of my marriage today. I would have just recreated the same “trying to chase unavailable people” to love me. Or I would have hunkered down in my feelings of abandonment and rejection without ever realizing how recklessly I was abandoning and rejecting myself.

I literally changed the energy of what was brought to me because I changed my beliefs about what I deserved. To have balance in my life, I needed to open to receiving. 💜🤯💜

As I studied A Course in Miracles, it dished up this life-expanding lesson: “To give and to receive are one in truth.”

  • If you THANK the Spirit of Prosperity each day, you’re affirming that you already have it.
  • If you keep asking for prosperity, you’re saying you don’t have it. 
  • Gratitude is a beautiful way to celebrate your prosperity.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, debunk the stories you tell yourself, and start trusting the Universe.

Are you arguing for your limitations? 

How open are you to receiving?

Where are your blocks to receiving?

Honestly answering those questions can help you see how open you are to creating a life of prosperity – and to start new patterns of receiving. And as annoying as it may be, it may feel super uncomfortable at first cuz it’s a new way.

Start paying attention to even the smallest doses of prosperity sent your way:  A stranger’s smile. A compliment. A bouquet of flowers. Feel gratitude when it happens. You might be surprised that you find yourself attracting even more abundance. 

Prosperity comes in many forms: money, health, friends, family, free time, and more.

Thank the Spirit of Prosperity each day:

“I am now activated by Divine Love in every aspect of my life as I open to perfect health, happiness, success, and prosperity.”

When you open to receiving, you’ll stop creating a life of scarcity and start creating one of prosperity. 

Make today the day that you start living a life of expansive prosperity … a life you love!

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