Are you grounded or possessed?

Oct 30, 2022 | Honesty

Whatever you’re doing. 

Stop for a moment.

Where were you just now? 

Present in the moment? Feeling sure of yourself? Focused? Thinking of what is instead of what ifs.


Dwelling on some mistake you made? Frazzled by something someone else did? Spinning your wheels in 9-inch-thick mud? 

How you answer those questions tells you whether you’re grounded or not. 

We all find ourselves in situations that can make us feel stressed or anxious.

Of course, we all find ourselves in situations that can make us feel stressed or anxious.

Like last Thanksgiving when your sister decided dinner was the time to rehash that embarrassing thing you did at her wedding reception?

Or your boss texted you to tell you that next week’s presentation got changed to Monday – and you get to tell your team that they’re working this weekend. 

Um, drama.

But do you ever notice how some people just let things roll off their shoulders? It just seems easy for them to deal with the demands and pressures of life. You wonder, what do they have that you don’t?

Well, if they’re not just totally checked out or unaware, it’s because they’re grounded.

What does being grounded really mean? And how do you do it?

But what does being grounded really mean? And how do you do it?

Being grounded means:

  • You have a strong connection with yourself and your environment mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • You’re right here. Right now. Aligned with your inner self.
  • You’re aware of what’s going on around you. You don’t feel troubled by the past or worried about the future.

But between family responsibilities, work pressures, smartphones, social media, and the go-go-go stimulation of today’s world, it’s easy to get ungrounded – and live that way.

Being ungrounded looks like:

  • You’re reactive to others.
  • You feel stuck in indecision.
  • Your triggers feel like too much.
  • You have no idea how to move forward with what’s in front of you (and aren’t even sure you can).

So you put your blinders on and suppress/repress/depress your emotions to deal with them another day. 

Emotions get stuck in your body and you end up living untethered from yourself - restless, distracted, and living in your head,

Those emotions get stuck in your body and you end up living untethered from yourself – restless, distracted, and living in your head.

And that’s just painful.

So what to do?

How do you find inner peace amidst the insanity of the world around you?

As with most things, it begins with awareness – staying connected to the Highest Enlightened Awareness of Your Soul. 

That presence can be found in something as simple as eating.

When you’re about to eat, focus on the food – the color, texture, temperature, shape, and its other qualities. 

As you eat, notice how the food feels in your mouth. The texture. How it tastes. How it feels going down your throat. 

What you’re doing is immersing yourself in the act of eating – not watching TV, scrolling through Instagram, or getting caught up in your friend’s latest rant about her asshole boyfriend. You’re here. With yourself. No matter what’s going on around you.

The more you practice this, the more you’ll be able to bring this superpower to other situations. You’re teaching yourself to feel centered and balanced no matter what’s going on around you. 

This isn't about losing yourself in other people or situations. It's quite the opposite.

This isn’t about losing yourself in other people or situations. Quite the opposite. 

It’s about surrendering to whatever is going on around you and staying connected to yourself the whole time. 

When you’re grounded, you have your Soul in your body. 

And if you don’t? 

LIke a lot of people, you might run possessed. What!? Possessed? 

No, it doesn’t mean you’re Jack Torrance in The Shining or Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs (although they were.) 

But it does mean you’re influenced by heavy and dark energies that keep you from being you.

If you're not grounded, you can lose yourself to the energies around you.

If you’re not grounded, you can lose yourself to the energies around you. 

I used to run with my auric field out a couple of miles. (See how to stop that in the grounding technique below.) When I was in large crowds, I’d take on the influence and weight of the energies around me. 

For example, when I’d go to the Iowa State Fair, I’d get saturated with ALL the energies people carry (not to mention the cows, pigs, and chickens). Yes, energies of joy and possibility. But also of victimization, self-hatred, and violence (including abuse of self). It’s quite the mix. 

Even though I loved seeing the butter cow, eating a free egg on a stick (yea that’s a thing), and checking out who won the Big Pumpkin Contest, it was a lot.

Before I learned how to ground, I had no idea how I was negatively impacted by running with my auric field out for miles. I would pick up heavy and dark energies and come home from events absolutely trashed (meaning, I felt heavy, discombobulated, altered, like I was walking through life through muck).

For the record, this year Pete Caspers and his daughter Alba’s winning pumpkin tipped the scales at 1,281 pounds! 


Think about how you sometimes feel in a movie theater or funeral home. There are waves of emotions. If you’re not grounded, you can find yourself sobbing and you don’t even know why. You might even think it was the movie. But really you’re being saturated with the energies around you and don’t even know it. 

I’m not a fan of antiques and many historical places for the same reason. They hold the energetic impressions of previous owners. 

I remember sitting on a bench at Ellis Island where more than 12 million immigrants arrived hoping to pass inspection and start a new life. They had traveled thousands of miles to a country they had never seen, knew no one, and often couldn’t speak the language. As I tuned into the life force of the rooms where they were processed, I could feel the energy of extreme terror. It was called the “Island of Tears” for a reason.

Mother Earth is an electromagnetic being and so are we. Spending time in nature can feel like a calming balm for our overstimulated brains.

On the other hand, I love being in nature (unless the ground is filled with negative energies from war, someone being murdered or raped, or other pain that gets impressed into the earth and hasn’t been cleared or transformed). Mother Earth is an electromagnetic being – and so are we. Spending time in nature can feel like a calming balm for our overstimulated brains. 

Bottom line, the value of being grounded is enormous. 

It helps you stay present and keep your energy field clean so you can be connected no matter what’s going on around you. 

Once I learned to do this, it was a complete and total game changer in my life. It changed how I experienced everything. I could finally be present in my life, not bowled over and negatively influenced by the energies around me. 

When your head is running the show, you’re disconnected. 

You’re taking life in through your asshole egoic mind that thinks it’s giving you all the answers. But actually, it keeps you held in pain and limitation, thinking it’s what keeps you safe. 

Living grounded allows you to feel all of your senses, and that lets you make choices that truly serve you. 

So how do you live grounded?

Just like the examples of eating or connection to nature, I shared above, much of living grounded is being present. 

  • Brushing your teeth and being fully aware of how the bristles feel on your gums. 
  • Feeling the dirt on your hands as you tend to your garden. 
  • Hearing the birds and noticing how it feels in your body.
  • Playing music and paying attention to all the instruments and mood.
  • Sipping a hot drink, noticing how it feels as it goes down, and feeling the warmth of the mug in your hands.

Dropping into being right here, right now is a simple process that can change the way you feel and how you experience your life. These are great ways to stay present and connected with yourself.

Even more powerful, a grounding exercise like the one below can really help you connect with the Highest Enlightened Awareness of your Soul. 

Download the PDF eBook “4 Steps To Grounding” now. Use it to clean up the negative presence or external energies influencing you so you can finally be present. 

click image to download 4 steps to grounding ebook by rita henry

If you’re feeling out of sorts in the middle of your day, you can do this process for 1 or 2 minutes. It will completely change the tone of your day. It’s a great exercise to do in the morning when you’re sitting on the edge of your bed, throughout the day, or before you go to bed at night with the intention of going into a deep, restorative sleep. 

Grounding is a fundamental tool. If you haven’t been practicing it regularly, start doing it every day to make it a habit. Because being grounded allows you to be present with what’s before you. 

When you’re grounded, you can make sense of your world and see truth.

And that’s a beautiful way to live.

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