Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Sep 27, 2022 | Love Yourself, Time to Heal

Are you desperately trying to avoid feeling your feelings and facing issues from your past (the ones that make you sick just thinking about)?

Does the thought of choosing yourself feel awkward, uncomfortable, and wrong (because good girls shouldn’t put their needs above their children’s or their partner’s)?

Do your feelings, misunderstandings, and past stories run your life without you even knowing (such that you’re more likely to quit your job and get a new one than lean in and tell your boss you can’t meet his unrealistic deadlines)?

Are you getting tripped up by everyone in your life not respecting your boundaries or refusing to play out the perfectly choreographed life you so lovingly designed for them?

You might be holding yourself back. 

Because your feelings, misunderstandings, lies, triggers, uncomfortable moments, and stories aren’t the truth of who you are. They’re just showing you what’s up for you to heal.

They’re an invitation to lean in and do your work. 

And if you choose not to take them up on their offer, the messy moments of life, the discomfort, and the overwhelming emotions will continue to kick your ass over and over again until you do your work to clear those core issues.

That shit doesn’t just magically disappear because you want it to. 

Life is an ebb and flow. Sometimes you need to dive in and do your work, other times you need to spend a week binging Netflix. It’s all good. 

But, if you’re actively holding yourself back because you don’t think you can face doing your work alone, I’ve got you. Join Journey to Your Center Essentials today and I’ll help you face the triggers, misunderstandings, and lies keeping you stuck in pain and limitation. 

Because the pain is also a gift. It’s telling you exactly where you can lean in and get the goodies of life. It’s helping you clear the charged emotions you’re ready to face.

And you are ready. 

In the Journey to Your Center membership site, you’ll find over a year’s worth of mind-blowing content with powerful techniques, videos, meditations, and coaching to help you hone your skills and change your life –– all in the freaking best way possible. ❤️🤯❤️ 

And each month we add new topics, Inner Circle Healing Sessions, Journal to Your Center Session, Energy Transmissions, and Deep Dive Healing Sessions. 💥

You deserve to face the shit that’s bothering you and to be FULLY seen for the love that you are, so you can finally see it for yourself. 

That’s what we do here with #TeamLove and it’s absolutely magical. 💖
Don’t wait another day. I’ve got you. Learn more and apply here.

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Rita is an Intuitive Counselor who works with bright sensitive people who are sick of struggling in their relationships and want to make the pain go away. Though her in-person and online intimate healing retreats and one-on-one sessions, she has helped thousands of people quiet the noise, move forward, and make peace with their past and their present, so that they can heal, be happier, and live a life they love.

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle