Celebrate It All

May 7, 2019 | Enjoy Life, Try Acceptance

Life is to be celebrated and to be enjoyed. Gloriously, you don’t have to wait for the party or the invitation. You can kick off your shoes and dance NOW! 

Yes, there will be clouds. Clouds can be celebrated.

Yes, there will be rain. Rain can be celebrated.

Yes, there will be sun. Sun can be celebrated.

Rain gets a bad rap, but the alternative – no rain for months at a time, nothing but sunshine – is lethal to lawns, crops and animals. It’s all about balance and acceptance.

We think we are so smart in our humanity, and yet we fight for our unhappiness and argue for our limitations when we name things as good or bad. I know for myself, I have given everything in life all the meaning that it has. If I call the rain horrible, I will experience being pulled down by my judgements of life doing life. It’d be my own personal shit storm. 🤣❤️😂

To be alive means that I will be dead. Why would I ever make death wrong? I wouldn’t if I fully understood that it is a part of life to be celebrated.  Now. And Now. And NOW! 🎉

In your humanity, you will still have feelings of sadness, hurt, pain and struggle. However, your feelings are NOT the truth of who you are, but they can be indicators of what is up for you to heal. 

When my daughter Amy died, I felt like the world should stop turning as I was consumed by grief and loss. It didn’t. It didn’t need to. I needed to be consumed by the pain, letting it pin me down in despair, collapsing under the weight of heartbreak, only on the other side to find my heart broken open. 💔

Like the butterfly who lives only through the struggle of breaking out of the chrysalis, some of your greatest experiences of life itself are through experiencing pain. I call it the gift of pain. I, like you, have received plenty of gifts. 

True celebration arises as you touch joy deep inside of yourself, only to have it spill over into your dance of life and even heartfelt tears of gratitude. The dance is in mundane chores as well as the extraordinary. As the author Kurt Vonnegut once said, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

A study was done on loss and grief and what the researchers found, to their surprise, was that what people missed the most were the entirely ordinary moments like the sound of the other person breathing, walking in the door after work, their tired old jokes, or just the sound of their voice. 

May you celebrate your life exactly as it is.

I celebrate you.

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Rita is an Intuitive Counselor who works with bright sensitive people who are sick of struggling in their relationships and want to make the pain go away. Though her in-person and online intimate healing retreats and one-on-one sessions, she has helped thousands of people quiet the noise, move forward, and make peace with their past and their present, so that they can heal, be happier, and live a life they love.

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