Conscious Conversations episodes cover topics we can all relate to:
  • releasing pain from the past to move forward in career and relationships
  • living more authentically and with greater awareness
  • letting go of identities, struggles, fears, self-limiting beliefs, and even situations that aren’t working for us anymore
Rita introduces people to new possibilities to live in Love, and supports them in blasting through any blocks to realizing a love-filled reality. See the power of what happens when people get real and face their struggles. For your convenience, you can watch the audios or download them listen to a later time.

Can I Love Myself

This short Conscious Conversation between Rita and her daughter, Julia, offers a bit more on the topic of loving ourselves. We tend to want other people or situations to make us happy, to source us. In truth, we are lovable already! As the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz said to Dorothy, “You had it within you all along”. Right Click and Download Audio

Dear Children: Adults have no f*#^ing clue!

As adults we can have high expectations for ourselves that we often times don’t have a clue how we are going to meet. Then we place those expectations on kids. It is painful for everyone. The Truth is; It is okay to mess up; It is okay to not have answers; and Learning can be fun. Bottom line, Therese Herold and I discuss how adults don’t have it all figured out and even if we say we do, we’re lying. Right Click and Download Audio

Do yourself a favor….Try this…

We all think we are farther along then we are. You don’t know know what you don’t know. You are here in life to evolve and you evolve through the contrast. Life does life and you can only respond to it based on your current level of consciousness. Your invitation is to accept life and to accept that you don’t have all the answers. What a relief! Along the way, can you live open-heartedly? You don’t know what to do in the next phase of your life because it is new. Therese Herold and I discuss how acceptance can go a long way. Right Click and Download Audio

Food, Food, Glorious Food!

In a previous Conscious Conversation episode, you met Brandy Lueders, owner of The Grateful Chef. In this new episode, Rita and Brandy are talking about food on a whole new level. Did you know we each have a relationship with food? We can use food to abuse ourselves or to love on ourselves. When we are mindful of what we eat, we can choose to eat consciously and in awareness. What role does food play in your life? Right Click and Download Audio

How to Shift Consciousness

Rita and her daughter Julia Henry discuss what it means to shift consciousness and why would we even want to? Often, we go through life making conclusions about ourselves that aren’t true such as “I’m not enough, not safe, going to be abandoned and rejected”. These stories evoke feelings that aren’t the truth of who we are, but they are indicators of what’s up for us to heal. When the pain becomes greater than the fear and we want change, we can do the ‘work’ of shifting consciousness to learn a new way. Right Click and Download Audio


In this edition of Conscious Conversation, Rita and her guest Andrea DeLara discuss intimacy. Andrea opens up about not feeling worthy of love in the past. She acknowledges her ability to love and love on others but then receiving is another story. Is this something you have faced in the past? Join the Conscious Conversation by commenting below! Right Click and Download Audio

Introducing Brandy Lueders and The Grateful Chef

In this conversation, we meet Brandy Lueders and hear her story of how and why she became a chef. We also learn how her successful company, The Grateful Chef, came to be. For those of you who don’t already know, Brandy creates delicious, healthy and inventive meals each week and offers them for pre-order on her website www.thegratefulchefdsm.com . In our next release, Brandy joins Rita again to discuss what role food plays in our lives. Right Click and Download Audio

Is Quitting OK?

Every new beginning comes from some beginning’s end. This Conscious Conversation with Therese Herold explores, “When is it okay to allow things to end?” Ultimately, the invitation is to connect with self-awareness and to thine own self be true. At times, staying just to stay may not be honoring to you or your journey. Come explore with us! Right Click and Download Audio

Living a Surrendered Life

In this life-changing conversation, Rita asks Kim Garin “What does living a surrendered life mean to you?”. After being diagnosed with MS and trying several different medications, Kim took healing matters in her own hands. She tried to heal herself with food, wellness coaching, meditation. It worked so well, she retired as a pharmacist and began guiding others down a similar healing path. What did she learn? She learned how to live a surrendered life — how to get out of her own way and let go of the fears that controlled her. Acceptance, not resignation, is an incredible starting point. Right Click and Download Audio

Living the Life You Want

Do you want more freedom in your life? Rita has a Conscious Conversation with her niece Heather. Heather is a single mom of two young kids and has a full-time job. She thinks this is why she’s not happy…she’s too busy to be happy! There is never enough time or space. In fact, she’s angry. Watch how Rita helps Heather uncover and heal some blocks from her childhood. Being the “good girl” doesn’t always work like we think it should. Right Click and Download Audio

Maitreya Buddha Relics

Amanda Russell recently accompanied the Buddha Relics on the Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour. Rita was honored to host Amanda and the Relics in her home and is sharing this incredible experience with you. The Relics actually came from the ashes of Buddhist Masters and contain the essence of enlightened mind. The tour has now ended, but join Amanda and Rita now as they share stories of those who were blessed when in the presence of the Relics as well as further explain their origin. Right Click and Download Audio

Mean Girls

We are often abusive and cruel to ourselves. Why – what’s the payoff? Join Rita and her guest Mary Pat as they discover tools we all can use to be more loving and kind to ourselves. It’s a practice thing. It’s an awareness thing. Let’s do a conscious reset and be open to a new way to better connect with the number one person who matters, YOU. Watch, enjoy, be a part of the conversation, and leave empowered. And don’t forget to subscribe! Right Click and Download Audio

Movement as a Meditation

Rita has a short discussion about physical exercise with Abi Reiland, co-owner of Crossfit 8035. We can use exercise to love ourselves or abuse ourselves. The difference lies in the intention and the feeling underneath the exercise. Abi explains more about using movement as a meditation and how the “physical” has been a teacher for her in life. Right Click and Download Audio

Say “I Do” to You

Living life perfectly imperfect. In this edition of Conscious Conversations Rita Henry and guest Mary Pat LaMair dive into what it means to forgive yourself. Watch the authentic and deeply raw conversation unfold as they explore forgiveness, external validation, and awareness. “It feels like I’m marrying myself,” LaMair says. Right Click and Download Audio

Surrender Your Childhood Beliefs

In this captivating session on surrender, witness Therese Herold connect with the Truth of her beliefs and conclusions as a twelve year old. Also, see how she has continued to carry these limiting views into her adult life. In awareness, Therese makes a new choice and is forever changed as she inspires us all along the way. Right Click and Download Audio

What do Children Really Learn from their Parents

Rita has a conversation with Tina and Julia, mother and daughter, about how parents model behaviors, beliefs, love and fears for their children. Our children’s choices will impact their children, just as our parents’ choices impacted us. When we change our relationship with ourselves, we model a different way for our children and the possibilities are endless. Right Click and Download Audio

What Does it Mean to be Spiritual?

Rita and her daughter, Julia Henry, discuss what it means to be spiritual. Could it simply mean…being in Love? Right Click and Download Audio

What is the Difference Between Acceptance and Resignation?

There is a big difference between being a doormat or resigning yourself to futility and the surrender of accepting what is and operating from Love. Words and thoughts are important to how we view the world and ourselves. You get to choose those words from a place of awareness or a place of fear. Kim Garin and Rita Henry discuss how self-love, self-care and surrender play a part in that difference. Right Click and Download Audio


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