Energy Transmissons 

An energy transmission is a connection to Divine Source that aligns you with the highest enlightened awareness of your soul. The energy transmission provides a powerful physical, mental, emotional, and energetic cleansing. You can be anywhere you like during the transmission—at work, meditating, sleeping, or even out for a walk. I do the transmission while you go about your day. You can sign up for yourself, your family or your business.

Energetic shifts promoted by the energy transmission are transformative; they support shifting your consciousness, your awareness, and your current experience of life. The transmission process can help you get rid of deeply held beliefs and patterns that don’t support you. The transmissions are based on clearing blocks for the month’s theme and each individual’s intentions. If any one person’s intention would support any of the other participants, I apply the clearing to everyone in the group who would benefit.

 All this allows you to live a more open-hearted and joyful life.

 An Energy Transmission may be for you if:

  • You want to regularly clear your home of entities or energies that don’t serve you, or, you’re moving into a new home and want to clear your new space and harmonize the move
  • You’re struggling with relationships, work, career choices, heavy feelings, or simply feeling stuck and want to move forward
  • You’re not feeling well mentally, emotionally or physically
  • At work you have a high-stakes conversation or presentation approaching and you want it to go well
  • You need to have a tricky conversation with a loved one and you want to clear blocks to heartfelt communication and harmonize your relationship
  • You have a big event on the calendar—a wedding, baptism, or even a medical procedure and you want to harmonize the event, and clear any and all non-beneficial energies
  • You’re a business owner and want to harmonize meetings, reduce angst, and clear blocks to attracting new business

During a transmission, you may notice a tingling sensation in your body, emotions coming up, or nothing at all. And afterward, people report experiencing a range of results including less stress and anxiety, more energy, increased self-confidence, and mental clarity, a deep sense of unconditional happiness, a greater capacity for compassion, and even relief from pain and distress. Some notice improvements in their sleep, health, and finances, and feel better in their relationships and careers.  

When you sign up, you’ll share your intentions for the transmission, and following the event, you’ll get an email that includes interesting (and often juicy) details that came up for the group during the transmission. When you sign up, consider signing up for a monthly subscription. This way, you won’t miss the opportunity to be supported each and every month.


Watch your inbox for Energy transmission special events.

I’m SO willing to surrender and release!!!

man smiling with glasses and beard in green and blue plaid shirt
Tim Murphy

I am LOVING these transmissions.

lady with brown hair
Caroline Vernon

I’ve experienced a welcome change.

lady with sunglasses in yellow jacket
Peg Smith

Energy Sessions

My experience with energy transmissions is much like a session, yet I’m going about my day. Sometimes I feel the contrast as it is happening, other times it becomes noticeable the following morning. So worthwhile and a great addition to my regular sessions. Thank you Rita 🙏🏼💜🤗  

Jeana Abarca

I have SO much gratitude

Thank you for including me and my family in the Energy Transmission🏼♥️♥️♥️ I have SO much gratitude! I’m no longer feeling the hurt, fear or as if my world is crumbling. I’m feeling more acceptance with my daughter too. To say I’m grateful doesn’t even come close. It’s beyond words. I love my life and it wouldn’t be what it is today without you supporting me in this amazing work. Thank you for loving me and naming truth even when I don’t want to hear it. It is what I’ve always wanted and I didn’t even know.  

Jeana Arbaca


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