Get your 3rd grade teacher out of your head.

Dec 5, 2021 | Choice, Enjoy Life, Love Yourself, Time to Heal

Guess what? You have light inside of you. Bright, bold, beautiful light.

Your shimmering brilliance is so powerful, like the midday sun on a cloudless day, it can be hard to look at directly. My eyes squint to take you in, but I push through the discomfort to see you, truly see you, in all your glory.

You are shining.

Not everyone likes your shine. They’re afraid of it. Why? Because they are afraid of their own light. 

Long ago, they were told their shine was bad — disruptive, dangerous, damaging. Voices scolded them over and over until they were convinced, taught to fear even a shimmer of a spark. They covered the brightest parts of themself and buried it deep, deep, deep inside.

Now, seeing you stings their eyes. They know that glow — it’s just like the one they gave up. Seeing you in your light makes them feel dull and flat.

They’re afraid –– for themselves and for you. Scared of what will happen to you if the world sees the fullness of who you really are. So they tell you to stop. People won’t like your shine, they say. It’s dangerous. They’ll shame you, punish you, and hurt you. Hide, before someone sees.

It hurts to hear this, but you trust them.
It feels like your very survival depends on them.
So you stop.
You cover the brightest parts of yourself and bury them deep, deep, deep inside.

Even if you’re no longer around the people who told you to stop shining heck, they may even be dead you still hear their words in your mind. 

Whether you know it or not, you’re living in fear of being yourself. You were taught that if you are yourself, you’ll be judged and told you’re wrong. This keeps you imprisoned in your past – held captive to limitation.

You may not even realize it, but that 3rd grade teacher who shamed you for the way you sing is still the voice in your head, stopping you from singing your song freely today.

When you listen to these voices of fear, your true self goes dormant within you. This causes you to: 

  • Give your power away
  • Not have your own back, give to others until it hurts, and then give some more. 
  • Feel unsafe mentally and emotionally
  • Walk on eggshells with others 
  • Agree to live in limitation, with shitty boundaries 
  • Suffer from anxiety and depression
  • Sleepwalk through your life

The price of not shining is too high.

Maybe your message of fear came from a teacher, parent, sibling, or stranger. No matter … everyone has that voice of limitation they need to be set free from. Only then can you shine as your true and authentic self, and live with joy and peace.

Truth bomb: You have light inside of you. And it’s time to stop hiding.

Your shine isn’t a weapon – it’s a gift. It’s the reason you’re here.
You are exactly what your life has been missing.
You – shining your brightest! It’s exactly what your family and your world needs to thrive.

You deserve to shine for your own sake.
It’s what you were made for.
It’s who you are.
And that, my friend, is beautiful.

It can be hard to unwind the layers of shame that have been laid on us, by others and then by ourselves. 

So just start small. 

  • Find a corner you can peel back, and take a peek inside. 
  • See it again as though it’s for the first time, and remember what you carry. 
  • Find a secret place you can practice letting the light out, practice peeling away shame, practice shining.

Little by little, you’ll come back to yourself. And when you’re ready, you can step out into the open, shining as your brightest self. 🔆

Not everyone’s gonna like it. They may even shriek and scream for you to stop. But this time you’ll know better. You’ll know that your brilliant light is meant to shine for all to see. Your light is pure love. Pure truth. And absolutely nothing to fear.

Shine on, beautiful one. The kingdom is brighter with you in it. 

It’s time you re-ignited your light and let the world see who you already are.

Take some time to think back and remember your favorite things you’d do as a kid. 
Where were you? 
Who were you with? 
What were you doing? 
What was it about that moment that you loved so much? 🤗

Nowadays, when do you feel most like yourself?
When does your spirit feel lightest?
What energizes you and lights you up?
Where do you feel like you can just let your hair down and be you?

What’s one thing you can do to honor your light?
Where is a place you can go to shine a little more freely?
Would you be alone, or with other people? Inside or outside?

As inspirational speaker Alexander Den Heijer says, “Stars don’t shine because they want to be seen. They shine because they are stars.” 

Find your safe place where you can show up and shine. It’s who you are. It’s who you’ve always been. 🔆💖🔆

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