Go Ahead. Be Brave.

Jul 19, 2014 | Choice

Have you ever noticed the excitement or exhilaration when you reveal your Soul to another? In those raw moments you let go of any fear of being seen, drop all pretenses, and simply let yourself get real. You are no longer pretending, avoiding or denying, but simply risking your fears for the elation of being seen.

Intimacy is allowing yourself to be seen and heard. This can feel vulnerable, or downright scary. When you stop believing that the sensation of risk is a real threat, then you can freely make life expanding choices through living vulnerably.

In life, there is only Love and fear. Fear comes in many forms such as greed, jealousy, abandonment or rejection. Love is Love. When you are in Love, you can’t be in fear; it is impossible. When you are in fear, you can’t feel Love. When you are experiencing fear, it means you are experiencing a disconnect from the Love that you are. In awareness, you are invited to make a new choice that supports you in a return to Love.

I want to see you be brave and I am cheering you on. Be you. Do you. You are a gift.

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Rita is an Intuitive Counselor who works with bright sensitive people who are sick of struggling in their relationships and want to make the pain go away. Though her in-person and online intimate healing retreats and one-on-one sessions, she has helped thousands of people quiet the noise, move forward, and make peace with their past and their present, so that they can heal, be happier, and live a life they love.

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