Healing Offerings


Does it seem like you’ve tried everything to feel better?

Do you just want to let go of sadness, stress, pain, and destructive habits?

They’re not serving you anymore and you know that if you could just shift these patterns, you could be happy.

You deserve a beautiful life filled with purpose, peace, and even joy. My Healing Retreats – in person or online – can help you clear the blocks that prevent you from living that life you love.

You’ll join an intimate, supportive group of caring, heart-centered people who, like you, are craving significant shifts in their lives. With guidance from me every step of the way, we’ll shine a light on what’s up for you to heal and address specific ways to live your highest truth.

  • Imagine achieving a level of happiness and satisfaction that you’ve never thought possible.
  • Picture yourself finally feeling open to surrendering to life’s journey.
  • Clear doubts and fears, making peace with your past and present, so you can heal and open-heartedly

During each Healing Retreat, the whole group benefits from witnessing each person’s session, seeing your own triggers to their sessions, and supporting one another through this powerful process. Debilitating fears, self-sabotaging beliefs, and old shaming stories are brought to the light of consciousness and cleared.


OnSite Healing Retreats

[Currently on hold due to restrictions with gatherings.]


With an intimate group of up to six participants, you’ll go on a deep and meaningful journey into self-discovery and transformation. You’ll spend approximately seven hours each day in an emotionally-safe, healing environment. You’ll also get a 45-minute individual session each day.

Rita, I want to thank you for your kindness and gentleness towards me during the Healing Intensive (Retreat) this past weekend. I have only recently begun to understand how emotionally shut down I have been. I know that my growth will not be easy and there will be both peaks and valleys.


I feel like I am more authentically me.

I feel I have a greater value of myself and that is priceless. I feel like space has opened up to me being able to do the things in life I have always wanted to do. I feel like I am more authentically me.


This work is so profound and so subtle at the same time.

lady with brown hair

Since the Healing Intensive (Retreat), I am noticing a greater ease with life.  There are a whole lot of things not triggering me like they used to.  I am actually amazed at the presence I have had with the kids. I am having more fun with them and have not been getting riled up when their meltdowns happen. It’s really nice.

Caroline Vernon

The more I do this work, the more I love my life!

The more I do this work, the more I love my life!

Jeana Abarca

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