How a hurting world can help you now.

Jul 7, 2020 | Choice, Honesty, Time to Heal

There’s a lot going on in the world! 🌎🌌💞 That’s as it should be.

Paying attention to how you’re being impacted by what’s going on around you today helps you grow through your own challenges. We don’t live in a vacuum, and our collective consciousness is incredibly powerful. 💫🌠

Whatever it is you’re facing (or a nation or a world for that matter), dark and painful stories need to be brought up and heard so they can be healed – so we can all heal.

For example, as women started to have a voice against decades of sexual abuse, and now as people of all races rise up to the injustices experienced by black people, 🦸🏼👨🏿🦸🏿‍♀️ YOU are likely being challenged to face held pain and injustices from your past that are stored in your limbic and nervous system. 

I see it all the time with clients. They need to face that deep dark secret from their past; you know, the one that has their whole body contracting when they think about it.

On the other side of facing held pain, they can heal, transform, and be free from it. 🙈🤗

Healing can’t happen when we pretend the pain isn’t there. Silence can be deadly.

It’s important to lean into tough places. Hard conversations are sometimes necessary. Martin Luther King suggested that while we believe leaning into tough situations will take us into a fiery furnace, it actually brings us to an air conditioned living room.

Black lives do matter. If you have a hard time saying that, you’re misaligned with truth. Of course, all lives matter, but if you can’t say black lives matter, then you’re denying the real issue.

Here’s another way to look at it. If you break a bone in your leg, you can still love your whole body, you just need to give attention to the part of you that’s hurting. Our black brothers and sisters are being treated unjustly and need our support to face the abuser (even when it’s unknowingly been us) and to say this shit has got to stop. 🦸🏿‍♂️✋

Witnessing and naming your pain 🤕 or seeing pain in others is an essential part of the healing journey. Yet, like all of us, you need a safe space, where you can bring gentleness and ease to your own struggles and in how you’re experiencing the world.

As author and podcaster Krista Tippett says, “Sometimes people become wise by discovering things no one had known before. And sometimes they become wise by remembering and rediscovering things people knew forever and we forgot.

❇️ Witness pain in yourself and continue to keep your heart open to it. 💗💗

❇️ Witness pain in others and continue to keep your heart open to it. 💕💕

It’s like a child who has tripped and is hurting. Pick them up, hug them, love them and give them the support and attention they deserve. 👶🧸

A lot of things are breaking down in our world. As cracks are made, the light can filter in. 💔🌞 The light brings us awareness so we can see truth and clean up the mess.

Celebrate the mess. The closet needs to be unpacked before you can experience choices in keeping what works and letting go of what doesn’t. Or as spiritual teacher Eckert Tolle says, “Accept this moment as if you had chosen it.”

Accepting what is, is the most powerful thing you can do now!!

I wanted to create a safe space in this weird time just for YOU. Will you join me for this powerful life altering in-the-best-way-possible event? 

Join me for my Free Online Healing Workshop Thursday, July 23 from 11:00 am – Noon (Central Time). Our focus will be “how to deal with angry people (even if it’s you).” That seemed especially relevant considering the energy of our world today. 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽🙌🙏

I’ll personally lead the workshop and guide you through the healing power of this interactive, group experience. Even if you can’t attend, you’ll receive a recording of the event if you register here.

Thank you for your commitment to finding new ways to align with and express the love that you are in the most juicy, connected ways possible. Your life is a gift to all (whether they realize it or not). And, as always, you deserve more love, not less. ❤️😇💕

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Rita is an Intuitive Counselor who works with bright sensitive people who are sick of struggling in their relationships and want to make the pain go away. Though her in-person and online intimate healing retreats and one-on-one sessions, she has helped thousands of people quiet the noise, move forward, and make peace with their past and their present, so that they can heal, be happier, and live a life they love.

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