Radically change your life …
without waiting on anyone in your life to change

Life should feel a whole lot easier than it is for you right now.

You’re trying so hard to make the pain go away. But no one else seems to get it. You want the world to change, other people to change, your life to change.

So while you wait, you:

  • Spend your days frustrated—convinced you shouldn’t be mad. Most evenings you end up finishing the bottle of wine because you don’t know what else to do and you’re crawling out of your skin.
  • Can’t face reality. Anxiety is taking over your life.  You’re not planning for your next step (whether it’s graduation, marriage, or a new career). It’s like life is on hold.
  • Find that your relationships keep repeating themselves with different people. Your new boyfriend might look and sound different. But you still feel abandoned and rejected by him whether he’s cheating on you or bringing you flowers.

You’ve tried everything.

Therapy. Thought work. Repeating affirmations. Reading every book in the self-improvement section of your local bookstore. Online courses. Meditation.

But you’re still living out the old patterns you were taught before you could even form memories. You know, the ones that make you feel like you’re eating shit sandwiches on the daily.

AND Yet…

  • You’re still consumed with loneliness and feeling butt-hurt. Even though you got the new job and moved into your dream home, you obsess that you’re not being included in the lunch outings at work or the neighborhood block parties
  • Your anger feels like a living thing inside you. You’re afraid you’ll blow at the wrong time in front of the wrong people. But you’re used to being the perpetual good girl, so you’re terrified of your anger or anyone else’s
  • You don’t want to tell your loved ones the truth about how you feel. You don’t want to hurt their feelings, so you put duct tape on your mouth one more time. And, like always, it feels like ass.
  • You don’t trust yourself. You unknowingly don’t believe you deserve good things. So even when your career or relationships IS going well, you can’t enjoy it. You just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

You wouldn’t put up with someone you love being treated this way, but you do it to yourself.
All. The. Damn. Time.

Let’s face it, if your BFF were being treated this way by their boyfriend you’d want to pour gasoline on his brand new Tesla. Throw a brick through his windows. Fit him with a new pair of cement shoes and take him on a boat ride.


So why do you let it slide when you’re the one causing yourself so much pain?

Here’s why…

You want to live a deeply empowered, joyful life but you don’t know how

How could you? You were never taught. In fact, you were taught the opposite.

You were taught your feelings didn’t matter (and, over time, you learned to discount them yourself).
You were taught not to trust yourself.
You were taught to give until it hurts—and give some more. 

Now, you’re an adult version of that innocent child you were. The one who was deprived of love. The one made to believe all that deprivation had more to do with you than the people dishing it out.

That’s why you’re hurting.
That’s why you want to run away and burn it all down.
And that’s why the same shit keeps playing out in your life again and again. 

You just want the pain to stop.


But if you can’t see how you got here, how the hell are you supposed to find a new way?

Your life doesn’t have to be so hard and you don’t have to struggle

Here’s the thing…

Your relationships can be easy. Because you’re in them. You bring yourself to every relationship, every job, every experience. You’re the problem. And you’re the solution.

The new way is to:

  • Lean in and discover the bullshit lies, patterns of pain and struggle, and false identities that you’ve been playing out ad-nauseum.
  • Recognize that your triggers are showing you what’s up for you to heal.
  • Release those charged emotions so they no longer keep you locked in trauma responses of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn.

This is what I call the work.

When you lean into your work, feel your feelings, and love yourself no matter what’s going on around you, your life and relationships will radically change (even when everyone else stays the same).


Wondering how I know this to be true?

Rita Henry, Lady wearing purple smiling

I’m Rita Henry.

I know what it’s like to WANT an empowered, joyful life while having no idea how to make the pain stop.

Fresh out of college, I got married. I thought I was happy, but I spent endless amounts of time and energy trying to convince my husband I was lovable. I was desperate to feel chosen. 

Throughout our 27 years together, we codependently attempted to express the full spectrum of emotions. He displayed the anger, and I took care of the rest. 

We triggered the shit out of each other. 

And, we were the perfect pair. We acted out our deepest fears that had played out a bazillion times in our childhood, so we could go on feeling exactly how we did while growing up. 

Because that’s what we were taught love was.  

I desperately wanted to be loved, but because I didn’t love myself, even when I was in the presence of love, I couldn’t accept it because I didn’t think I deserved it. 

Now, those patterns are obvious to me. But before, I had no idea they were playing out again and again—and again and again. 

I didn’t know I didn’t know how to love myself.
I just knew that no matter what I did, it felt like I wasn’t enough.

Then I had my identical twins 15-weeks premature and nine days later, my 9-day-old daughter Amy died in my arms. 

My entire world fell apart. 

Heartbroken, grieving, sleep-deprived, and left to take care of not only my surviving daughter Julia but also my two boys (both under 5-years-old), it was all I could do to just make it through the day. 

Not only that, but I became the sole breadwinner. Having a child in the NICU for over 4 months wiped out my entire 401K and ran up credit card bills with exorbitant monthly fees. 

The weight of having my daughter die was crushing. I had to force myself to get out of bed in the mornings, force myself to function.

I was stuck in survival mode until I found energy work. Then I was home. Because the patterns, messiness, and chaos of life finally made sense. 

From there, I spent years getting all the training. I became a Reiki Master, a practitioner of Unlimited Body, Unlimited Breath, Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, a teacher of Spring Forest Qigong, and a graduate of Quantum Quests School of Enlightenment. 

The more I immersed myself in different teachings, the more the lies, my ego, and everything other than love fell away.

Today, I live in the emptiness. It’s from this place of pure love that I work with my clients. 

Nothing but pure love can be maintained in the emptiness, so you can finally understand how you got here and have a new experience with life—even when no one else or nothing else changes. It’s magical. 

In the emptiness, there’s space. Freedom. Your problems don’t hang over you like the lingering smell of salmon cooked in a small apartment three days ago. 

In the emptiness:

  • All those bullshit stories, beliefs, judgements, and limitations dissolve. They’re simply uncreated. 
  • You let go of feeling stuck, of your destructive habits, of feeling like you’re never enough no matter what you do. 
  • You accept your life exactly as it is. 

Doing my work gave me MY life.

My daughter’s death was an invitation to show the fuck up. And while there is no “I have arrived,” life is more vibrant, fulfilling, and loving on the other side.

No matter what you’ve experienced, I know a more vibrant, fulfilling, and loving life is waiting for you too. I’ve created THE community to guide you…


A supportive, women-only, online community where you can finally let go of the pain and struggle and create the juicy intimate relationship with yourself that changes EVERYTHING.

It’s the place where you’ll experience what it’s like to:

  • Cut through the bullshit lies society, your family, and our culture taught you (that you’re now unknowingly telling yourself). Seeing truth allows you to make new choices you’ve never considered before.
  • Stop making your spouse, kids, parents, and yoga instructor happy at your expense because you’ve believed their happiness was your responsibility.
  • Heal the core triggers that have kept you locked in pain and limitation your entire life. Finally look in the mirror and stop wishing you were someone else, with someone else, or somewhere else … because you know exactly where and who you are is downright amazing.
  • Understand why people are doing what they’re doing and stop taking their actions personally. Deepen into loving and trusting yourself in a way you never thought possible.
  • Strengthen your intuition, which will help you feel safer and more confident. Stop second guessing yourself, stop being controlled by fear, and feel guided as you make key decisions.
  • Receive a boutique level of support that helps you lean into and clear the pain. You deserve to have a new experience (whether or not anyone or anything around you changes). 

    Watch this 90-second video to hear about what you’ll discover inside Journey to Your Center

    “When I first joined Journey to Your Center, my life could have gone in a completely different direction. 

    I’d lost my job and got sick and had to shed all the false identities I tied to my self-worth. 

    For the longest time, I convinced myself that I wasn’t deserving of good things. This group helped me replace those false trophies and show myself the actual worth I have

    Everyone here acts like a mirror helping me see that I’m lovable and can embrace my humanity. I’m now able to see myself more than I ever have, ask for what I need, and receive support that’s tangibly changed my life

    It’s healing that I didn’t even recognize I needed, but could not be more grateful for.”

    Megan Meyer

    Here’s what it takes to finally let go of pain and struggle and create a juicy relationship with yourself

    It’s time to see how you got here so you can write a new story about who you really are without the insecure feelings that have haunted you in the past.

    This is exactly what you’ll do each step of the way inside Journey to Your Center.

    step 1: awareness

    See the truth instead of the bullshit lies that you don’t even know are running the show. Stories of “you’re not enough”, “you’re not lovable”, “your life should look different than it does”, or “you should be somewhere else”.

    Once you have a deep awareness of these, that’s when you progress to…

    step 2: acceptance & surrender

    With your newfound awareness, you’ll be able to bring compassion and understanding to yourself. That’s when you can let go of the pain and struggle and keep the lesson. It’s how you heal. 

    Then, the only thing left is … 

    step 3: love

    Once you’ve released the pain and struggle, you’ll shift your consciousness, change your brain, and increase your vibrational capacity to loving kindness. 

    This is how you’ll finally feel connected and loved WITHOUT being triggered—even when the other person is being an asshole.

    In Journey to Your Center, you’ll embody these skills again and again to discover and strengthen your path to love and truth. You’ll connect with that part deep inside that already KNOWS your magnificence.

    Journey to Your Center covers everything you need to use the power of energy work to clear blocks and release charged emotions so you can thaw from being frozen in self-doubt, littleness, and fear. 

    Calls happen online using Zoom, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home. Everything is recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

    Journey to Your Center CycleDivine Container

    When you join Journey to Your Center, you become part of an intimate community that holds you in pure love (also called the emptiness) all month long.

    The experience of this container alone keeps your soul anchored in your body, which keeps you held in a place of connection—of amplified love—so you’re relaxed and not fighting life.

    When you’re in this emptiness it means that even when shit happens, you can be present with your pain. Instead of fighting it or being stuck in pain/struggle/trauma, you can take steps to move through it.

    When your energetic patterns of pain and struggle fall away, you shift to a greater level of awareness, so you can move through your struggles quicker/sooner/faster.

    “This work has given me a new lease on life. It comes with a price tag that is worth every penny.

    “It has been way more powerful and effective for me than therapy, and the results come faster and sooner.

    “No doubt that it’s work, but we are more than worth healing our wounds and patterns that no longer serve us.

    “This work goes to the core and uncovers layer after layer of weight you needlessly carry in your life.

    “It’s hardly a luxury expense.

    “To me, it’s a necessity, and now that I know how the work “works”, it is something that I can’t not do.

    “The cost of not doing your inner work is to live a life without inner peace, and nothing is more important than being at peace with ourselves.”

    Niki Conover

    Group Teaching, Coaching Calls, & Energetic Support

    Over the course of 4+ calls a month you’ll get access to 10+ hours of powerful coaching coupled with energetic clearing (which accelerates your ability to release bullshit lies and held emotions keeping you stuck in your own personal hell realm—even if you don’t know you’re in one).

    Whether you receive direct coaching or not, you’ll benefit from honest conversation, a roll-your-sleeves-up dive into the messiness of life, and Rita’s ability to cut to the truth. 

    You’ll get support, get triggered, and see what’s coming up for you to heal.

    Calls include:

    • Deep sharing without the bullshit
    • Celebrating your wins
    • Laughter, tears, community, and
    • Healing
    • Meditation
    • Energy Transmissions
    • Breathwork
    • Journaling
    • Dancing

    On these calls, expect:

    • Greater awareness of your patterns and how you got here 
    • Acceptance of your life exactly as it is 
    • Quantum leaps in your consciousness 
    • Relief from held trauma in your body (trauma is anything your body couldn’t process at the time you experienced it)
    • To name your shit so you can finally get to the core issues and clean it up instead of going down the rabbit hole a bajillion more times
    Move beyond your pain and get to the juicy bits of life quicker/sooner/faster.

    “I couldn’t hang on to my pain any longer. I didn’t like who I became after my hubby of 35 years died. It was time to roll up my sleeves and dive in. I didn’t think group work would be this AWESOME. But it is. I can relate to each one of these people’s stories. I realized we’re all mirrors of each other. Seeing others be raw and open gives me the courage to do the same.”


    Monthly Theme & Exploration

    Journey to Your Center helps you heal and shift your consciousness as you deepen into understanding who you are and how you got here. The monthly topics and divinely inspired homework speed up your growth by helping you see yourself in ways you didn’t have access to 5 minutes ago.

    See the core of what’s coming up for you to heal and understand the blind spots that have kept you stuck. Move beyond pain and struggle so you can finally have a new experience.

    Through your exploration, you’ll get to know yourself in surprising ways.

    When you know yourself, all your relationships change in the best way possible.

    “When I tell people about Rita I say, “She’s a therapist, medium and energy healer all wrapped up in one.” 

You get 3 for the price of 1. How else would you explain it? 

I don’t have time to go to all 3 every month so this is most efficient. 

What other therapist can tell you about your past lives?”

    💜 Beloved Member of Journey to Your Center Community

    Energy Transmission

    An Energy Transmission is an energetic reset that helps you connect with the Highest Enlightened Awareness of your Soul (that part of you who knows you’re magnificent).

    During the Energy Transmission, you can tune in to how you feel or just go about your day. As Rita works with you remotely, you’ll:

    • Remember your own magnificence
    • Get more clarity in your life
    • Release blocks to loving, valuing, and respecting yourself
    • Release held emotions
    • Stop being an energetic sponge to those around you
    • Release your past so you can be freer and have more authentic relationships
    • Detox your shit consciousness so you can experience a whole new connection of clarity and love

    Afterward, Rita hops on and does a Facebook Live explaining everything she found. A recording will be made available.

    “I didn’t know how to make myself a priority or set boundaries before. In the process, I’ve become a completely different person — I’m now comfortable enough to ask for what I need when I never thought I could cause waves before. Journey to Your Center helped me see what I deserve.”

    Stacy Helbling

    Journal to Your Center

    In Journal to Your Center, you’ll work through your homework—but it’s like you’re at a slumber party where you can kick off your shoes, get mouthy, and name shit together.

    You get to be your real, authentic self. Laughter. Tears. A well-placed swear word. It’s all welcome.

    Guided by a loving community member, Journal to Your Center will help you:

    • Make your homework a priority and have fun doing it
    • Clarify your thoughts and feelings and see what’s coming up for you to heal
    • Gain a greater level of self-awareness and intimacy
    • Notice details you may miss by doing the homework alone (or not at all—hey, there are no grades here)
    • Take your blinders off
    • Learn from other member’s aha’s, and celebrate their wins (because sometimes you have to borrow their perspective and journey)
    • Celebrate your own wins (even the ones you can’t see for yourself)

    “The difference between last year and this year is stunning. I can do so many things that I couldn’t do before. 

    The level of drama that happened in my family last week would have had me spinning and no way would I have been able to handle it before. I even kept my heart open. 

    Now I can see the truth in things. It’s completely different. When something scares me, instead of a complete rattling body jolt, it’s a shallow startle and it doesn’t affect me hardly at all. 

    It no longer feels like I’m fully immersed in war. Now it feels like I have choices. It feels like freedom.”

    💜 Beloved Member of Journey to Your Center Community

    Sacred Community: A Private Facebook Group

    Who you spend time with matters.

    If you’re hanging out with people who absolutely hate themselves and their lives, it’s nearly impossible to break free of your own struggles.

    Journey to Your Center creates an environment where you no longer argue for your limitations and get stuck in shit consciousness.

    This is a safe space to name truth, show up exactly as you are, get coaching, learn from everyone else, and support each other.

    It’s an absolute LOVE fest.

    sacred community Facebook group

    “Signing up for Journey to Your Center gave me the accountability I needed. The multiple monthly meetings help me interrupt and check in with myself, to look at the things I might not want to, but need to be aware of.”

    Julia Lucas

    intuitive counseling

    One Discounted Individual Session Each Month

    As you lean in and do your work to move through core issues, the speed of change can be dizzying. You might need extra support clearing what’s coming up for you to heal. 

    Individual sessions can help you kick your blocks to the curb, support your monthly transformation, get to the heart of the issue quicker/sooner/faster.

    As a Journey to Your Center member, you’ll receive a $35 discount on one individual session a month as desired.

    “Journey To Your Center helps me to be more accountable to myself. When I lose my connection with myself, the support of our community makes it so much easier to find my way back to truth again. I’m feeling more peace in my life than I ever dreamed possible.”

    💜 Beloved Member of Journey to Your Center Community

    Join Journey to Your Center

    Pay annually and get 1 month free!

    Get immediate access to powerful healing techniques, meditations and breathwork sessions

    Jump right in to this month’s topic and exploration 

    Join for a 3 month-minimum commitment

    Loving yourself doesn’t feel like shit

    You might think you love yourself—because you get your nails done or take a girls weekend once a year—but it’s not love when you’re constantly berating yourself every time you think you’ve made a mistake.

    Loving yourself isn’t easy when you’ve been taught that—if you say kind things about yourself—you’re an egotistical ass. And you’ve spent your whole life living out patterns from your childhood you don’t even know are there.


    Journey to Your Center helps you interrupt the negative self-talk, notice those patterns, and stop making yourself and your life wrong—even when nothing goes your way.

    Joining Journey to Your Center shifts your consciousness so you can feel empowered to:

    • Let go of false identities of who you thought you were, and
    • Say goodbye to fears that have consumed you

    … so you can finally embrace who you actually are.

    “Rita holds the stuck energy and patterns and creates space to clear them. 

    “It’s not just ‘think a new thought’ or ‘just get over it’ and it’s not as slow as ‘just notice your negative thoughts and be kind to yourself through them.’ 

    “This work creates a container for you to feel like shit and keep leaning in because Rita holds the belief for you, she holds the love and compassion when you can’t.

    “Before working with Rita, I could not love myself in any way shape or form (and could therefore not accept it from anyone else or give it to anyone else). 

    “Journey to Your Center was the container, and Rita held the space to make self-love 2% possible, which opened the door to bringing in even more love. It helped me see where I truly was (not thinking I was farther along) and be compassionate towards that place and the person I am.”

    P.S. “I had joined multiple money-making programs, but none of them worked until I started doing my work. Rita helped me uncover my blocks to making money (which were tied to my lack of self-worth and self-love). Now, I’m more open to receiving than I ever have been.”

    Rebecca Monteresso

    Journey to Your Center will help you fully show up, see the mess, and not run away from it

    Life can be super painful. When you’re triggered, you’re being shown what’s up for you to heal—even when the other person is being an asshole.

    Journey to Your Center is a safe space to unpack your feelings, face them head-on so you can finally heal, and embrace a life you fricken love.

    “Right now I’m recognizing I’m scared to death and ridiculously uncomfortable. I’m super sad. But I’m not getting lost in any of it. 

    Because I’m a part of this group, I’m able to experience it all without crawling into my hole and ignoring everything. I can see the growth and am fast-tracking it by being in this group

    I can see how far I’ve come and it feels different being in my body watching all this happen. I am not a victim. My life is mine. It’s a reflection of me and I can see myself in it thanks to this work.”

    Marcy Burns

    Join Journey to Your Center

    Pay annually and get 1 month free!

    Get immediate access to powerful healing techniques, meditations and breathwork sessions

    Jump right in to this month’s topic and exploration 

    Join for a 3 month-minimum commitment

    Journey to Your Center is a safe space for you to show up exactly as you are, name your truth, and be loved on

    Love can’t exist without truth. Truth can’t exist without awareness.

    But how are you supposed to name truth when your family, society, the patriarchy, and your work culture aren’t interested in hearing how you feel? Especially if it’s at odds with their own judgments they’re recklessly projecting onto you.

    They want what they want and will do whatever it takes to get it—including shutting down your dreams and making them wrong. Of course your company wants you to work five billion hours a week. But have you ever asked yourself what you get out of that arrangement?

    In Journey to Your Center, you name truth, see your blocks in a new light, and free yourself from your repeating trauma patterns.

    Whether it’s on a call, in the private Facebook group, or during a Journal to Your Center session, Journey to Your Center is a safe space where you can name and lean into your triggers, so you can finally heal.

    “Journey to Your Center is a place where nothing is too big/too small/too weird/too much to talk about or work through. 

    “It’s permission to show up as myself wherever I am and tell the truth that needs telling—no matter what. 

    “And it’s a place to give and receive love and compassion for each other, because we all understand how hard this work is, as well as why it’s worth it.

    Kim Kessler

    Join Journey to Your Center

    Pay annually and get 1 month free!

    Get immediate access to powerful healing techniques, meditations and breathwork sessions

    Jump right in to this month’s topic and exploration 

    Join for a 3 month-minimum commitment

    Waiting for other people to change will never get you what you want

    I see it all the time: clients wanting their partner to change so then they can finally be happy.

    But if you don’t look at why you were attracted to them in the first place and how it plays into your patterns and fears, you’ll spend your life chasing the same type of person over and over again. You’ll recreate the same situation again and again until you see what you’ve been doing and why.

    Every relationship is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

    In Journey to Your Center you’ll free yourself from stuck places and the prison of needing everyone around you to change so then you can be happy. You’ll release years worth of resentment (and material for your arguments), and finally be happy with your partner, because you’re happy with yourself (and not using them to feel bad about your life).

    Before I embarked on this journey, I felt like other people were my issue. But being constantly reminded that it’s all about me — as difficult as it’s been dealing with — is absolutely liberating. 

    “I’ve learned how to give myself what I need and grow with it. 

    “Not only did I let go of resentment and get my business together, but I realized that it’s ok to have to pee. As funny as that sounds, I hear Rita’s voice telling me that it’s ok to give myself what I need — when you gotta pee, you gotta pee. 

    “I feel elated and supported by this group and I could not have grown as much this year if not for everyone here.”

    Kelli Kerrigan

    “JTYC has made me more comfortable and happy. 

    I now trust my gut and intuition so much more and can get right to the point faster so I’m having more clear conversations in significant places in my life. 

    “I’m in a better place to be able to show up and take charge.”

    A beloved community member

    The Support of Journey to Your Center Makes it Easier to Find Peace—Even When Life Blows Up Around You

    Journey to Your Center helps you heal from trauma. Whether it’s loss of a loved one, PTSD, sexual abuse, or your run-of-the-mill experiences like:

    • Your mom reading your diary and punishing you for your secrets,
    • Your dad being more interested in his stamp collection than you, or
    • Being forced to sit at the dinner table until bedtime because you refused to eat your parent’s homemade yogurt that tasted like chalk.

    Those shitty experiences shape who you are today, but they don’t define you.

    When you lean in and do your work to heal and transform, you get to keep the lesson and let go of the pain and struggle you’ve been living with your whole life.

    This work changes your brain. You’ll build new neural pathways that will change how you experience the same triggers and let you have a totally new experience.

    Inside Journey to Your Center, leaning in is not only doable, it’s freeing, exciting, and celebrated.

    “I’ll never forget my first call with Rita. It was maybe two days after my husband passed. I was desperate, hurting, and broken and it just makes my eyes well even thinking about what a different person I am from that space. I don’t even recognize those things as being a part of me any longer.

    “I used to play the victim card, but this year has been a step-by-step process that’s helped me grow and change all the things I would have done in the past to cope. Now, I’m able to pause before I go down the same path because I know how I’ll feel after going down it. 

    “This journey feels like someone is putting lenses in front of my eyes, and I see things differently. And it makes it so much easier to do life. I notice beautiful things that I didn’t see before. 

    “I want to be a person who’s open to learning and experiencing new things my whole life. And this group has done that for me.”

    Rachelle Zuccolillo-Sanders

    “Other Therapists I’ve been to (ie those covered by my insurance) we’ll play 45 minutes of paddy cake each session and I get nowhere except worse-off.” 

    💜 Beloved Member of Journey to Your Center Community

    Join Journey to Your Center

    Pay annually and get 1 month free!

    Get immediate access to powerful healing techniques, meditations and breathwork sessions

    Jump right in to this month’s topic and exploration 

    Join for a 3 month-minimum commitment

    Can’t Commit to Journey to Your Center at this time?

    If Journey to Your Center isn’t right for you at this time—for whatever reason—join TheEssentials. It’s less of a financial and time commitment, but you’ll still have everything you need to take the deep dives into your healing journey, do your work, and change your life and relationships for the better—without waiting for anyone else to change.  


    When is the right time to do my work?

    A lot of my clients finally lean into doing their work when their pain is greater than their fear. But, you can’t have peace in your life today if you don’t make peace with your past. This work IS your pathway to a deeper connection with yourself and your passion for life, which is EXACTLY what you need to start living an amazing life, better than you could ever imagine. And the longer you do your work, the more your brain changes. So, whatever is haunting you now becomes something you won’t even bat an eye at down the road.  Knowing that, why wouldn’t you start right now?

    How does the work work?

    This is not your grandma’s talk therapy. This work is about naming your triggers, clearing your blocks, and releasing your charged emotions. It’s about seeing truth beneath the bullshit lies keeping you frozen in self-doubt, littleness, and fear. And, by doing your work in Journey to Your Center you’ll accelerate your healing process tenfold. You’ll be energetically supported and held in pure love all month long. 

    Where are the sessions?

    Sessions take place on zoom (all except for the Energy Transmission, which happen remotely as you go about your day). 

    When are the sessions?

    Session times are scheduled throughout the month and are listed in the membership site. You’ll get an email the last Thursday of the month with information about next month’s sessions, and you can grab the links from the membership site.

    What if I can’t make it to the sessions?

    If you can’t make it, no problem, you’ll still be included energetically  and can easily catch the replay on the membership site. Doing your work will be 10 times easier inside Journey to Your Center, whether you make it to every call or not. 

    I’m not comfortable doing group work, now what?

    Perfect. Journey to Your Center is a come as you are party. You’ll benefit from being here even if you’re a voyeur. You get to choose your experience and it’s your responsibility to get what you came for. There’s extraordinary value in being in the container, being worked on energetically, taking in the monthly themes, and participating in the meditations whether you ever show up live or not. You’re safe to be exactly where you are and still receive support doing your work. 

    Inner healing feels vulnerable. Why should I do it in this community rather than with you 1-on-1?

    In a community you learn from watching everyone else explore and face their fears. As their shit triggers you, you’ll be able to name and clear your own shit quicker/sooner/faster. You’ll get to borrow their courage and awareness when you don’t have your own. And you’ll be celebrated along the way. 

    How can I justify spending money on myself?

    If the thought of spending money on yourself triggers the shit out of you, you’re welcome. You’re being shown what’s up for you to heal. As you do your work inside Journey to Your Center, you’ll release bullshit stories of your self worthiness concept, which radically changes how much abundance and freedom you experience on the daily. You’re worth it and it’s time to stop pretending you’re not.

    What happens after I join?

    Once you tap through any of the buttons on this page and sign up via the checkout page, you’ll receive a confirmation email followed by a series of emails welcoming you into the community and showing you how to access your monthly calls. 

    You’ll be invited into the private facebook group. 

    You’ll have instant access to over two years worth of mind-blowing content, including powerful healing techniques, meditations, breathwork sessions, past coaching calls that will help you hone your skills, and more.

    Am I the right fit for Journey to Your Center?

    It’s best to give Journey to Your Center a miss if…

    • You want to be the victim. You believe your pain and suffering is due to everyone else in your life no matter what’s going on and you’re not willing to see it any other way
    • You don’t want to take responsibility for your own happiness (You deserve more love not less, you didn’t deserve to be abused or treated poorly, other people can be absolute assholes, and you may have been dealt a shitty set of life circumstances, but personal responsibility is personal empowerment. You’re the only one who can change your life)
    • You want me to be your answer (I’m not your answer, but I am the spiritual tour guide you never knew you always wanted. You get to shift your consciousness and be empowered to create a life you fricken love)
    • You want a quick fix 
    • You want to stay stuck
    • You don’t want to feel your feelings

    On the other hand, Journey to Your Center is MADE for you if…

    • You want a better life for yourself and aren’t afraid to dive in and do this work
    • You’re done playing the victim, done kicking the can down the road to deal with it another day
    • You just want the constant knot in your stomach to go away
    • You’re hungry for a new way
    • You’re a coach, counselor, energy healer or therapist who wants to deepen your own healing to better serve your clients (if you can’t face your own anger, abandonment, rejection, or loneliness, you won’t be able to hold space for your client’s transformation either) 
    • You’re sick of feeling like you give more than you get back from those closest to you 
    • You’re tired. Tired of the pain, struggle and anxiety. Tired of being triggered by the same things again and again. Tired of your own bullshit. Tired of finding yourself cheated on or cheating over and over 
    • You’re sick and tired of waiting for other people to change so you can finally be happy

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