Join me in this live, 1-hour fun, fast, and transformational healing session.


  Thursday, June 20, 2024
11:00 am – 12:00 pm Central Time








You’ve tried reading self-help books and even reciting affirmations, but you’re still feeling stuck in your messy life.

You want healing — real healing.

You just want the pain to go away.

But in reality, you’re spinning in circles.

You feel like nobody really understands you.
You hardly recognize yourself anymore.
You’re exhausted from wrestling with the craziness in your mind.

Are you really the only one feeling this way?

No, love. You’re completely normal.

News flash. You’re soooo not alone.

We want to heal but we don’t even know what we need to do to make it happen.

Try an Inner Circle Healing Session with me for free, and finally start making shifts to a positive, feel-good direction.

Thank you my dear friend it was a blessing…..sometimes one feels like they’re fighting a battle alone and hearing others stories helps. I felt the love and COMPASSION you shared through the video for me. HUGS and love for doing all you do in our lives. ❤

Sue Bueltel Michaelson

When we’re afraid, our lying, asshole brain wants control.

Join me inside a supportive, online space where you’ll bring your challenges and questions. You’ll explore triggers and uncover fear, misunderstandings, and blocks so you can speed up your growth.

In this live, 60-minute free healing session, expect to:
  • Release blocks to loving, valuing, and respecting yourself.
  • Stop being an energetic sponge to those around you.
  • Get more clarity in your life.
  • Release your past so you can be freer and have more authentic

Hi, Rita. The event was amazing! It was so full of goodness. Thank you for having it. 🥰

Jeana Arbaca

How the Inner Circle Healing Session will work:

  1. We’ll hop onto Zoom where I’ll set the tone and guide us in a grounding exercise. You’ll be immersed in this sacred container of divine healing where you can rest in love.
  2. If inspired, participants can raise their hand to explore their personal struggles and questions by naming what’s up for them to heal.
  3. As you witness the experience of others firsthand, you’ll uncover insights into your own journey, whether you choose to share or not.
  4. We’ll wrap with a short meditation to open your beautiful heart even more.

Truly a beautiful and rewarding hour of my life that I will carry forward. It was wonderful being together with people that are seeking more in life, for themselves, without judgement, and showing care and love. It was a safe place to learn a new way. Thank you!!!!! ❤️

Kelli Kerrigan

You’ll also get:
A light-infused energy transmission. This is a powerful, remote energetic reset that will be happening the entire session to help connect you to Divine Source and align you with your highest enlightened awareness of your soul.

Here’s the deal:
When you log off from the session you might feel energetically cleansed and emotionally and mentally lighter right away or a few days later. Or maybe it’ll kick up a deeper process that’s coming up for you to heal.

Doing your work to get really clear takes time. But it’s worth it.

Meet your Inner Circle Intuitive Guide & Healer:

Rita Henry is an Intuitive Guide and Healer who helps people release stored pain from their past because she’s faced her own. From sexual assault to the death of her 9-day-old daughter, Rita’s gotten her ass kicked by life and now helps others heal theirs. 

She calls the process of seeing how you got where you are, and releasing the charged emotions keeping you held in pain and struggle, “doing your work.” Doing your work shifts your consciousness and changes your brain. And on the other side, everything in your life is better (yes, even your relationship with your mother-in-law). 

Rita makes it easier to do your work by naming truth, holding a safe space for you to show up exactly as you are (messy hair, bitchy attitude, and all), and making energetic shifts that quiet the noise, so you can make peace with your troubled past and create a life you fricken love.

A love note: You’re welcome to join in on the magic for one free call. Everyone who registers will have access to the recording for two weeks following your session. Or you can join Journey to Your Center or The Essentials to get immediate access to this and all other explosive, life-changing resources. 

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle