Journey to Your Center

Journey to Your Center

A supportive group for personal healing and transformation

You’ve been on a journey of healing and transformation, yet you never quite feel like you get to the next level. 

  • You feel like you keep learning and growing, but it doesn’t feel complete. 
  • You might feel alone on your journey of getting to the core of who you are.  
  • It often feels like you must be the only one going through the craziness in your mind.


You’re not alone. And now, with your month-to-month membership, you’ll be supported at every level in a safe container of love:

  • I support you with insights and space for you to change, grow, and heal.
  • The Ascended Masters support you in a cocoon of unconditional love.
  • The community embraces you in their caring arms.


What does the Journey to Your Center look like?

The Journey to Your Center program will show you how to:

  • Clear your brain.
  • Get grounded in consciousness that brings clarity in your life.
  • Make a commitment to yourself.
  • See what’s working, what’s not, make adjustments, and create a new experience.
  • When you change your brain, you’ll make amazing shifts and have a lot more fun — even when other people in your life don’t change. 

Every single piece of the program will help you clear negative beliefs and misunderstandings of how to consistently release blocks to loving, valuing, and respecting yourself.

Journey to Your Center Cycle

The Divine Container

The container is a safe place where your energies are held and supported by Ascended Masters and Divine Beings. I have been given a gift to connect with and use these energies for your greater good. With them, I offer clearing when clearing is needed, new energy when new energy is needed, and gentle support at all times – all of which is pivotal in your transformation.

The Community

The energetic power of the community supports you by creating the space needed for change in the physical world. The whole group benefits from witnessing each other’s challenges and supporting one another within an intimate group of heart-centered people – both through live group sessions and a private Facebook community. We’re all connected. Healing doesn’t have to happen alone. Transformation in a safe community amplifies growth for everyone.

Monthly Healing Journey

Each month we’ll journey through a powerful healing cycle. As a soul in a human body, you’re constantly traveling a path of growth. When you create intention around your journey with a desire to heal, you accelerate your growth. Here’s the path we’ll take each month to support that. (See options for how deep you want to go shown in the Healing Journeys A and B below.)

Monthly healing cycle


We start each month with a topic where Rita will take a deep dive discussing, exploring and sharing via Zoom. With this knowledge, there’s new information that is now in your awareness as to how this topic impacts your life, and the opportunity for healing begins.


You’ll receive a divinely inspired homework assignment that invites you to dig deeper into the topic presented. This guides you to journey into the center of your being.


Twice each month, you’ll bring your challenges and questions into an online group session with Rita. In this Healing Circle, Rita will respond to your questions and thoughts to guide you in your personal journey. You’ll uncover fear, misunderstandings, blocks and/or questions to speed up your growth and evolution. This is also an inspiring time for sharing within this beautiful community. We are all stronger together.

Live Deep Dive Healing Session

Session With Rita available in Healing Journey membership B
Within us, there’s always an opportunity for deeper clearing. You’ll join Rita in a live session where you’ll go deep with 2 hours of discussion, healing, and release with a focus on the monthly topic. She’ll take you through a group session that focuses on releasing blocks, misunderstandings, and held emotions that keep you from living a life you love.

Light Infusion Energy Transmission

Remote Session available in Healing Journey membership B
I have been doing Energy Transmissions in my practice for many years. This is a powerful, remote energetic monthly “reset”. The powerful connection to Divine Source aligns you with the highest enlightened awareness of your soul, infusing light into your physical, mental, emotional and energetic cleansing. You can be anywhere you like during this remote session. I do the transmission as you go about your day.

Individual Support

Get special savings for a 1-on-1 session each month with your Journey to Your Center membership
Sometimes you want individual support to dive deep on a topic or issue that has arisen. Individual sessions with Rita help you go even deeper into your healing. See options below for special savings on individual sessions once each month.

Journey to Your Center – Monthly Options

Healing Journey A – $349 month*
Healing Journey B – $479 month*
Annual Options Available. See below.*

You want your world to open up to you so you can feel connected in every way. But that takes commitment to do your work. In order to fully get the benefit of this, a 3-month commitment is required.

What You Get

Healing Journey A
$349 month

Healing Journey B

$479 month

You’re held in the Divine Container



You’re supported in The Community as part of a Private Facebook Group and in the live sessions



You receive an awareness topic for the month via Zoom that can be watched at any time.



You receive homework and exploration prompts.



Attend 2 monthly live Inner Circle Healing Sessions that are 2 hours each.



Join Rita and up to 12 others live online for a 2-hour Deep Dive Healing Session on what has arisen specifically for you surrounding the topic.

* Add-On purchase of $159 for both Deep Dive Healing Session and Energy Transmission if desired for month

for both


Remotely receive the Light Infusion Energy Transmission for deep divine healing energies.


Discount for once-monthly 1-on-1 session with Rita if desired.



Access a frequently replenished archive of member-only masterclass videos and meditations from Rita that inspire, teach, and guide you on your journey on topics including relationships, anger, forgiveness, and more.




Journey to Your Center Schedule

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Save with Annual Investment:

Healing Journey A – $293 Savings

  • Annual investment of $3895
  • Bonus 1 free session to use anytime during the year. Perfect when you need unexpected support.

Healing Journey B – $353 Savings

  • Annual investment of $5395
  • Bonus 2 free sessions to use anytime during the year. Perfect when you need unexpected support.

How have others been transformed by their experience with Rita?

It’s keeping me engaged in my growth while living out my daily life

Jenn Dodd, lady with long hair

Monthly support from Rita has provided the constant support to help process on a much deeper level than a single session could for me. It’s keeping me engaged in my growth while living out my daily life. The group energy not only has been supportive, but brought clarity and triggered emotions that helped me move into my own understanding so much quicker than I could have done on my own.

Jenn Dodd

You and your super intuitive nature never cease to amaze me!

linda Wolfe, woman smiling and wearing glasses

You and your super intuitive nature never cease to amaze me! It feels that you are perfectly matched to what your life purpose should be in helping others through their deep “stuff”!

Linda Wolfe

I’ve been reminded that working on myself is a daily/hourly exercise

Brenda ford, woman wearing glasses

I’ve been reminded that working on myself and truth is a daily/hourly exercise not just for the one hour on zoom … or in a session. I love the Facebook group to share and get inspiration from others.

Brenda Ford

Now I understand the importance of “doing the work.”

Nancy Schoenig-Currie, lady with short hair

Now I understand the importance of “doing the work.”  It is a painful and long journey, but I would not give it up for the world. Monthly support with Rita has been a fabulous experience.  The energy transmissions are heart, soul, and body felt. I smile to myself when I feel the shift in energy.  I mean I really feel the shift. You are the real deal, lady.

Nancy Schoenig-Currie

There is a magic that happens here within this safe space

Megan myer, lady smiling wearing head band

There is a magic that happens here within this safe space to be authentically myself, without any worry of social backlash. It’s like my thoughts and emotions are jigsaw puzzle pieces and when they’re all trapped inside me. Monthly support gives me that free space to let things move out of the way to make sense of everything else and put it in place in a manageable way.

Megan Myer

You won’t know your truth, your next step, until you do.

Step-by-step doing your work will clear your path, your understanding, and your connection to your most authentic self. It will bring you to a glorious experience that is quiet, normal, non-fussy, grandiose, extraordinary, satisfying and fulfilling in every way.

This work feeds you and gives you what you always wanted, a connection with yourself!

Join this new monthly support group today, and discover the Journey to Your Center.

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle

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