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Rapid Renewal Single Session Retreat

Does it seem like you’ve tried everything to feel better?

Do you just want to let go of sadness, stress, pain, and destructive habits?

Do you want to shift self-limiting patterns and relationships that don’t serve you anymore?

You deserve a beautiful life filled with purpose, peace, and even joy. Healing Retreats – in person or online – can help you clear the blocks that prevent you from living a life you love.

You’ll join an intimate, supportive group of caring, heart-centered people who, like you, are craving significant shifts in their lives.

With guidance from me every step of the way, we’ll shine a light on what’s up for you to heal and address specific ways to live your highest truth.

  • Imagine achieving a level of happiness and satisfaction that you’ve never thought possible.
  • Picture yourself finally feeling free and open to surrendering to life’s journey.
  • Clear doubts and fears, making peace with your past and present, so you can heal open-heartedly.

What will we do?

During each Healing Retreat, the whole group benefits from witnessing each person’s session and supporting one another through this powerful process. Debilitating fears, self-sabotaging beliefs, and old shaming stories are brought to the light of consciousness and cleared.

  • As soon as you sign up, you’ll be in a safe, loving container as I work to prepare you to release blocks to transformation so you can get the most out of our time together
  • Reveal often deeply buried insights around areas where you’re triggered or upset by others. In this supportive container, we can address these and resolve them quickly.
  • Gain sudden, new perspective about blocks to your own healing as well as others.
Healing Retreat About Rita
Rapid Renewal is a single-session, profoundly focused retreat where 5 participants get to go deep throughout 3-hours of personal healing and restoration.

This retreat offers a powerful combination: the time to go deep during a full 20-minute 1:1 session with Rita and the ability to internalize and address triggers you experience from the 4 other participant’s sessions. 

Here’s everything you’ll get:


Pre-Retreat Energy Release: From the moment you sign up, Rita will begin working to release blocks to your transformation so you can get the most out of our time together.


20 Minutes of Personal Rita Time within a Group Video Session: Designed to go deep quickly and personally, we’ll meet for 3 hours as a small, intimate group of 5 people. Each session happens online from the comfort of your own home.


You get 20 minutes of a personal session with Rita plus the benefit of witnessing each session and the triggers that arise for you.


Group Expression and Clearing: We’ll spend time giving everyone a voice to express the things that trigger them throughout the session, focusing on time to address and clear those energies.


Recorded Session: Each session is recorded so you can watch all or part of the session again to help you see and feel things you may have missed before and go deeper into your healing work.


Energy Transmission: Through Rita Henry’ and an energetic connection to a Divine Source, you release blocks, open to love of self, and integrate your renewal into your day to day life.You’ll submit your intentions ahead of time for the monthly energy transmission.


Since we live with our fears until we face them and transform them, the fears we don’t face, ultimately become our limits. The basis for doing your work is to transform your fears and to create space and freedom to live YOUR life.


You deserve to be supported and I can help!

Investment: $385

Space is limited to 5 participants for each session.  You can sign up for as many sessions as you wish if space is available.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be in a safe, loving container as I work to prepare you to release blocks to transformation so you can get the most out of our time together.

Are you in? If so, let’s do some amazing work and let’s go deep.

Here’s how to apply to join:

Step 1:  Complete your application request to receive approval to attend. You’ll hear back from me within a day or two.

Step 2: If you’re accepted, you’ll get details for how to submit your payment and all the next steps.

Step 3: You’ll receive details ahead of our first session to help you prepare for your healing.

Questions? I’m happy to help you make sure this is the right place for you, email me at info@ritahenry.com.

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Prior to Payment, each participant must receive approval to attend. Please complete your application request and then return here to pay.

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If the retreat is already filled, you can request to be on the waiting list. The waiting list allows us to contact the first person on the list if there is a cancellation.

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The connection that unfolds is just amazing to me. Here’s what past participants say. – Rita

lady smiling

Rita provides a safe place to see and feel what I don’t know how to see and feel on my […]

lady smiling with red hair

I truly found each participant’s sessions and Rita’s support during them to be as influential as my own. Also, the homework helped unearth some of the feelings that I couldn’t see […]


The more I do this work, the more I love my […]

Jeana Abarca
lady smiling with sunglasses outside

I loved all of it including the intensity! I believed the story that I wasn’t lovable and all of the things that happened in my life proved it. I was proving it in every story. I was limited in my beliefs, and I couldn’t hear anything that was […]




How will we meet virtually?
We’ll connect virtually through an easy to use video tool called Zoom. Rita will send you an invitation that contains a link to the session.

Do I have to be on video?
You’re welcome to turn your video off if you need to, however, for deep healing to happen, it’s best if we can all see each other.

How many people will be there?
These are intimate, personal retreats. Space is limited to 6 participants for the 4-week Truth and Transformation and 4 participants for the 3-hour Rapid Renewal.

Who will be there?
Everyone who joins will be here by application or invitation only. Each online healing retreat is curated to provide the most supportive space possible for participants.

What if I miss a part of a retreat?
Life happens and that’s perfectly fine. To get the most out of any healing retreat, you’ll be present throughout each one However, if you need to miss a portion of any retreat, you can catch the recording that will be sent to you afterwards.

Will I get 1:1 time with Rita?
Yes. You’ll get dedicated time with Rita during each group session. You can use this time to talk through what’s troubling you, ask questions, and to share what’s been coming up for you.

What’s an Energy Transmission and what do I have to do?
An energy transmission is a connection to Divine Source that aligns you with the highest enlightened awareness of your soul. The energy transmission provides a powerful physical, mental, emotional, and energetic cleansing. You can be anywhere you like during the transmission—at work, meditating, or even out for a walk. I do the transmission while you go about your day.
Energetic shifts promoted by the energy transmission are transformative; they support shifting your consciousness, your awareness, and your current experience of life. The transmission process can help you get rid of deeply held beliefs and patterns that don’t support you. The transmissions are based on clearing blocks for the month’s theme and clearing for each individual’s intentions. If any one person’s intention would support any of the other participants, I apply the clearing to everyone in the group who would benefit.
All this allows you to live a more open-hearted and joyful life.

Will I feel anything during the Energy Transmission?
You may notice a tingling sensation in your body, emotions coming up, or nothing at all. And afterward, people report experiencing a range of results including less stress and anxiety, more energy, increased self-confidence and mental clarity, a deep sense of unconditional happiness, a greater capacity for compassion, and even relief from pain and distress. Some notice improvements in their sleep, health, and finances, and feel better in their relationships and careers.

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle