At some point in my 30s, I was spinning my wheels in a job I hated, trying to answer the question of “What am I supposed to be doing with my life,” feeling completely lost. I turned to conventional therapy to help me uncover my issues and find my true purpose. Yet, each time I left my therapist’s office, I found myself more frustrated than before I walked in. Week after week, therapy was a never-ending platform for me to vent and swim in negativity. We talked and talked … but in that setting, I never advanced beyond the problem. And that, was a problem!

I found Rita because I inquired about learning meditation for stress relief. What I didn’t expect was for someone to take one look at me and understand me so clearly on the first visit! I recall not fully understanding her process AND completely trusting that it would work. After more than a year of spinning my wheels in therapy, I left Rita’s office after one visit in a daze of relief.

What I know more than a decade later, is that working with Rita helps me understand myself better. This is what sets Rita apart from conventional talk therapy. With her support, I found solutions within myself that I didn’t even know were there. Miraculously, I saw everything around me change for the better … after I changed myself. It sounds easy but it takes work. I love “working” with Rita and highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for another way.


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