My world is a happier place because of Rita. I am so grateful! With her guidance, I’ve experienced a welcome change. Only after sessions with Rita did I realize that my life was controlled by anger, bitterness, and a sense of being “less than.” Letting go of some my old stories has freed space for feeling love – and being more loving. I admit it’s both scary and refreshing when she calls me out on pretending. It’s become such a lifelong habit. I love her truth! Rita speaks like a loving parent. Words cannot express the genuine happiness that seems to bubble up from deep inside after I’ve met with Rita. It’s a happiness that feels so connected – the exact opposite of isolation. Pure peace.

As I continue to explore the real me, I look forward to more sessions with Rita. I love that she provides a variety of working with her, (Sessions, Energy Transmissions and Healing Retreats). I’ve been calling them my tune-ups as I explain to my husband what I am experiencing. He has been very supportive of the process, especially because he feels that he benefits from the happiness I feel.

I truly feel blessed. Connecting with Rita has been a loving encounter.

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