I missed the online original and thanks so much for sending the replay. It worked out even better, as I paused several times, replayed several sections, and savored your message of connecting with my inner child.

For the first time, I went way, way back to a specific event, the first abuse that I recall from an early, early age. I’d held this experience close, seeing it, being confounded about it, feeling uncherished and unloved, confiding it only a couple of times, but this is the first the I really got into it and EXPERIENCED it. I truly see it differently now, both from not allowing the experience to define me and to look at that adorable child with compassion, and to acknowledge the insanity of the situation.  Not feeling loved is one of the cruelest emotions, I believe, but I sent that sweet tousle-headed girl loads of love, hugged her, and reminded her that she is loved now. Thanks for your good work, Rita. You are a treasure.



I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle

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