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Are you ready to change your relationships and life for the better?

If you’re sick of:

  • Letting your boss, spouse, children, and your nosey neighbor Edna dictate your mood and drain your energy
  • Stuffing down your feelings because you’re too afraid your sister, mother, or partner will get angry or upset if you tell them how you really feel
  • Not trusting yourself and crowdsourcing your choices to people like your Great Aunt Maude (who is telling you to stay with your abusive spouse because “that’s what good girls and boys do”)

And if you feel stuck, confused about your next step, but you know something needs to change…

You’re ready for The Essentials.

It’s less of a financial and time commitment than Journey to Your Center, but inside, you’ll have everything you need to take the deep dives into your healing journey and break the patterns that are currently kicking your ass.

Inside The Essentials, you’ll have access to resources that will help you:

  • Lean in and discover the bullshit lies, patterns of pain and struggle, and false identities that you’ve been playing out ad-nauseum. 
  • Recognize that your triggers are showing you what’s up for you to heal.
  • Release those charged emotions so they no longer keep you locked in trauma responses of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. 

This is what I call the work

When you lean into your work, feel your feelings, and love yourself no matter what’s happening around you, your life and relationships will radically change (even when everyone and everything else stays the same).

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Before I embarked on this journey, I felt like other people were my issue. But being constantly reminded that it’s all about me — as difficult as it’s been dealing with — is absolutely liberating. 

“I’ve learned how to give myself what I need and grow with it. 

Kelli Kerrigan

The Essentials covers everything you need to use the power of energy work to clear blocks and release charged emotions so you can thaw from being frozen in self-doubt, littleness, and fear.

divine container

Divine Container

When you join The Essentials, you’re held in an energetic safe container all month long so you can stay more present and aware in your day-to-day life.

Inside this safe container, you’ll shift to greater levels of awareness, so you can move through your struggles quicker/sooner/faster.

An Inner Circle Healing Session Each Month and the Recording

Once a month, you can attend a live 1-hour Inner Circle Healing session on Zoom. This call will accelerate your ability to release bullshit lies and held emotions. If you can’t attend live a recording will be made available. 

Whether you attend live or not, receive direct coaching or not, you’ll benefit from the powerful energies from this session, the honest conversation, a roll-your-sleeves-up dive into the messiness of life, and Rita’s ability to cut to the truth. Listening to the replay is just as powerful and supportive as attending in person.

Energy Transmission

An Energy Transmission is an energetic reset that helps you connect with the Highest Enlightened Awareness of your Soul (that part of you who knows you’re magnificent).

During the Energy Transmission, you can tune in to how you feel or just go about your day. As Rita works with you remotely, you’ll:

  • Remember your own magnificence
  • Get more clarity in your life
  • Release blocks to loving, valuing, and respecting yourself
  • Release held emotions
  • Stop being an energetic sponge to those around you
  • Release your past so you can be freer and have more authentic relationships
  • Detox your shit consciousness so you can experience a whole new connection of clarity and love

Afterward, Rita hops on and does a Facebook Live explaining everything she found. A recording will be made available.


“JTYC has made me more comfortable and happy. 

I now trust my gut and intuition so much more and can get right to the point faster so I’m having more clear conversations in significant places in my life. 

“I’m in a better place to be able to show up and take charge.”

A beloved community member

Monthly Theme

The Essentials helps you heal and shift your consciousness. The monthly theme recording will help you see yourself in ways you didn’t have access to 5 minutes ago.

See the core of what’s coming up for you to heal and understand the blind spots that have kept you stuck. Move beyond pain and struggle so you can finally have a new experience. So, even when you go on vacation with your parents and they act the exact same way they always have, instead of being triggered by their bullshit and going into the depths of despair, you’ll actually be able to have a good time.

Transformation Vault filled with Meditations, Talks, Breath Sessions, and More

transformation vault

Inside the Vault are meditations, talks, breath sessions, workshops, and an essential toolkit designed to help get you unstuck when you’re in the thick of a freeze response and need help calming your nervous system.

“This work has given me a new lease on life. It comes with a price tag that is worth every penny.

“It has been way more powerful and effective for me than therapy, and the results come faster and sooner.

“No doubt that it’s work, but we are more than worth healing our wounds and patterns that no longer serve us.

“This work goes to the core and uncovers layer after layer of weight you needlessly carry in your life.

“It’s hardly a luxury expense.

“To me, it’s a necessity, and now that I know how the work “works”, it is something that I can’t not do.

“The cost of not doing your inner work is to live a life without inner peace, and nothing is more important than being at peace with ourselves.”

Niki Conover

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Pay annually and get 1 month free!

You’ll receive an email with your log-in information and get immediate access

Want an Even Deeper Dive Into Doing Your Work?

We’ve got you. If you’re getting your ass handed to you and you have no idea what to do about it, check out Journey to Your Center. It’s the boutique-level of support you never knew you’ve always wanted that will change everything in your life—even when everyone else stays the same. 

Journey to Your Center supersizes the goodness from Essentials so you can move through misunderstandings and held emotions 10 billion times faster. And, you don’t have to do your work alone. Journey to Your Center surrounds you with other amazing women naming truth and sharing love on the daily.


When is the right time to do my work?

When you don’t do your work, the Universe amplifies the pain until you can’t avoid facing it anymore. But you don’t have to wait until the gut-wrenching divorce or getting fired 2 years before you retire. You can face your fears, abandonment and rejection, loss of self, and painful past, clear it, and have a totally new experience in your life right now.

How does the work work?

This is not your grandma’s talk therapy. This work is about naming your triggers, clearing your blocks, and releasing your charged emotions. It’s about seeing truth beneath the bullshit lies keeping you frozen in self-doubt, littleness, and fear. And, by doing your work in The Essentials you’ll accelerate your healing process tenfold.

How is this different from Journey to Your Center?
Journey to Your CenterEssentials
Divine ContainerA boutique-level of support all month long to clear up the core issues that are kicking your assA loving container divinely inspired to support your self-paced progress
Live Teaching, Coaching, and Energetic Support10+ hours/month1 Hour/month
Energy transmissionYesYes
Monthly Theme and ExplorationAccess to the live call and divinely inspired homeworkAccess to the recorded theme call, but not the homework
Journal to Your CenterYesNo
Sacred Private Facebook CommunityYesNo
Transformation Vault filled with hundreds of hours of meditations, breathwork, talks, previous month’s recordings, and more supporting your healing YesYes
An Essential Toolkit you can turn to when shit hits the fan, you’re triggered as fuck, and your nervous system needs a resetYesYes
Discount on one individual session with Rita per month$35 offNo
Price per month$500$160
What if I can’t make it to the live session?

If you can’t make it, no problem, you’ll still be included energetically and can easily catch the replay on the membership site. Listening to the replay is just as powerful and supportive as attending in person. Doing your work will be 10 times easier inside The Essentials, whether you make it to every call or not.

What happens after I join?
  • Once you tap through any of the buttons on this page and sign up via the checkout page, you’ll receive a confirmation email followed by a series of emails welcoming you into the community and showing you how to access your monthly call.
  • You’ll also have instant access to over a year’s worth of mind-blowing content, including powerful healing techniques, meditations, breathwork sessions, past coaching calls that will help you hone your skills, and more.

Join The Essentials

Pay annually and get 1 month free!

You’ll receive an email with your log-in information and get immediate access

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I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle