Total Eclipse of the Heart; Create a New Reality for Yourself

Sep 19, 2017 | Try Acceptance

Yesterday, my husband Karl and I headed out just before 6 am for Ravenna, NE which was directly under the moon for maximum totality of the solar eclipse. We left in the middle of a thunderstorm and drove through several more severe storms as we headed for Nebraska. Amidst the thunder, lightning and driving rain, I wondered if we would be able to see the eclipse at all. Still, I was excited about the adventure, even if it meant being rained on as the eclipse continued its dance above. No matter what we experienced, the 5 1/2 hour drive there was worth every second to me.

As we got closer to Nebraska, the rains got lighter and eventually stopped. At one point, we pulled into a rest area along the interstate. Much to our surprise, it was completely full. Tents were even set up for overnight campers. Karl had no choice but to drive our truck onto the grassy median to park. People of all ages were packed-in with their lawn chairs, telescopes and cameras set up and ready to watch the eclipse. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and had the feel of a carnival. It was adorable and worth the trip alone.

Once in Ravenna, NE Karl pulled into a lot full of piles of sand and gravel. There were dozens of other eclipse viewers already there. People had RV’s, trailers, tailgating tents, and one gentleman was grilling away on a huge gas grill set up in the back of his pickup truck.
Karl setup our zero gravity chairs and our camera, and we got our glasses ready just ahead of the start of the eclipse. Soon Karl shouted for all close enough to hear, “It’s started!” We were mesmerized, watching as the sun crept behind the moon, and as the moon covered the sun the light dulled and the air got noticeably cooler. When twilight arrived and the eclipse reached totality, a spontaneous cheer erupted from the crowd. It was exhilarating. We stayed to watch as the sun continued to overtake the moon and crept out from behind it. Finally we headed home in the thick stream of traffic. It was a truly worthwhile experience.

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Now let’s look at what the eclipse means at an energetic level.

This is the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States from certain places coast to coast in just shy of 100 years. Solar eclipses are known as powerful transits that bring about major beginnings and endings, which help us to purify and transform. A solar eclipse is literally the Moon’s shadow on the earth’s surface. As the sun and the moon align, focus is on purifying those places of held pain and struggle, (aka the shadow) to free yourself to live a life you love. It is a perfect time to reset your circuitry and to release beliefs, stories, and ideas that no longer serve.

Eclipses invite us to meet our shadow self, (and as you can see from what is going on today politically, it also invites us to meet our collective shadow). Our shadows need to be met in order for us to find healing through a new level of understanding.

There is no one on this planet that is more important or more lovable than you. There is no hierarchy in humanity. Even when you act out of fear, the truth remains that you are love; whether you remember or experience it in any given moment. This goes for everyone else on this planet too. Knowing this helps you to see yours or others actions from a place of Truth. Please don’t ever consider someone else better than you, or consider yourself better than someone else. Doing so is simply a projection of your monsters (held beliefs, fear, pain and struggle) so you can avoid looking within.

You are creating a new reality for yourself. Consider speaking the following words from your heart often:

“I surrender to all life offers with an open heart.
I accept life in the form it is delivered.
I ask to see and know Truth in my life through all my senses.
I ask to clear fear, hatred, rejection, disappointment from my being so I may see and radiate Love for myself and others.”

Eclipses are cosmic reminders that light and dark (yin and yang) are both part of the dance within your evolution. There are no winners or losers in the dance, only endless change. Know and enjoy the Love that you are!

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