What’s the Rush?

Aug 7, 2018 | Enjoy Life

When we rush from one thing to another, it can feel like the goodness of life drifts out of reach. Surges of feelings and emotions can be overwhelming, or even consuming, as we react to life and all that it offers.

Recently, I heard the word “pause.”Hmmmm. Pause.

When you pause, it is an invitation to witness your activities, your feelings, emotions, pleasure, and pain in life. Go ahead and bring awareness to what is going on in your life right now. Take stock of what you’re feeling. If there is fear or anxiety, offer yourself love instead. Use this pause to practice “Resting in God” or “Resting in Love.” Pausing and resting can interrupt the frenetic movements or feelings.

I learned the hard way that beyond the rush of my day-to-day life, beyond the rush of any intense feelings related to what I thought I should or should not be experiencing, things happen when they are supposed to and not necessarily when I want them to. Acceptance, surrender, and grace are all lovely attributes of flow as you pause to bring awareness to all that life offers you.

In awareness, you align with what “feels right” for you and make room to accept where others are, even if it is not how you want them to be. You are love. They are love. Sometimes we forget. Pausing can help you return to your center. From that place you can return to your authentic expressions of love, whether that is meeting the intensity of your pain, or someone else’s, or even just playfully acting like a child.

Master Lin of Spring Forest Qigong notes that living through your mind energetically feeds you 10%, while living through your heart energetically feeds you 90%. To demonstrate this for yourself, think about how quickly time passes when you are excited and loving an experience. Even if you get physically tired, you are fed through your open-heartedness and passion. When you pause and take stock of what you’re doing, consider how you’re spending your time and energy. Are you living through your heart, or through your mind? To know, pause and check in with how you feel. Pausing can help you to connect with the love that you are. I love that.

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Rita is an Intuitive Counselor who works with bright sensitive people who are sick of struggling in their relationships and want to make the pain go away. Though her in-person and online intimate healing retreats and one-on-one sessions, she has helped thousands of people quiet the noise, move forward, and make peace with their past and their present, so that they can heal, be happier, and live a life they love.

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