Are you feeling alone, misunderstood, sad, depressed or confused, or maybe even hopeless?

Maybe you experienced a loss that shook you to your core, or maybe you’re going through some other huge life change—a career change, navigating a rocky relationship or dealing with overwhelming emotions. Perhaps you’re facing a big decision and don’t know what to do. All you know is that life feels hard.

It might feel like you’ve tried everything.

You want things to be different.

You deserve to be supported and I can help!

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I’m the Intuitive Guide and Healer who helps people who are struggling and want the pain to go away. They often feel confused and misunderstood and just wish they could untangle the mess in their minds.

I help them quiet the noise, work through messy feelings, and make peace with their troubled past so they can consciously create a life they love.


I started my career in corporate America and eventually worked as an IT management professional in the insurance industry. I installed multi-million dollar computer systems, wore suits and heels, and hung out in boardrooms. I loved my team and was good at what I did. I did this for 15 years, but I felt completely uninspired.

I was married, and with two boys under the age of 5, I gave birth to identical twins. My twins were born 15 weeks premature. One of the twins—my 9-day-old daughter Amy—died in my arms. The grief of losing her was unbearable. I was spun into chaos and overwhelmed with the needs of her surviving sister Julia, her two older brothers, being a wife, running a household, and working full-time as the primary breadwinner in our household—nothing looked the same. I wasn’t the same.


A couple of years after Amy died, I realized her death was an invitation—an invitation for me to live my life. This meant I had to get rid of the blocks to feeling loved, valued, and respected. Blocks I didn’t even know I had.

Because of this experience, I realized the things I thought were true; weren’t, and didn’t even matter.

As I started to understand myself and my gifts better, I discovered energy work. I had no idea what energy work was or how powerful and transformative it could be. I began to learn everything I could. I became a Reiki Master, a practitioner of Unlimited Body, Unlimited Breath, Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, a teacher of Spring Forest Qigong, and a graduate of Quantum Quests School of Enlightenment.

My desire to see and understand Truth was fierce and unwavering.

The more I learned, the more grounded I became. I started making choices with my eyes wide open instead of reacting out of fear. I learned that spiritual awakening and psychological unpacking are not separate things.

Growing up, I was the youngest of five in a dysfunctional family. My father was deeply wounded and most often expressed himself through rage. We walked on eggshells to avoid making Dad angry, but it didn’t work because he was always angry – it didn’t take much for him to explode. We focused on making it through the day, and no one really knew how to be present in their lives or how to live open-heartedly.

Through the process of doing my work, I learned how to love, value, and respect myself, and as a reflection of my growth, I removed myself from an unhappy marriage. Before that, I didn’t realize that I deserved to be treated any better. Today, I’m happily remarried and our relationship is a direct reflection of loving myself. It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced a close relationship where I haven’t lost myself and it’s absolutely amazing.

Energy work moved me through my childhood experiences, my daughter dying, and a divorce. It profoundly helped me heal and transform.


I started doing energy work with clients in 1995, but it wasn’t until 2005 that I lost my mind. What I mean by that is that I experienced energy arising from the base of my spine, and felt like my head exploded. I’m not exaggerating. This was ridiculously frightening and I was terrified! It wasn’t that I was afraid to die—I felt like I was going to cease to exist.

I sobbed for hours.

Months later, I came to know that the “mind-blowing” experience was actually a Kundalini awakening. I continued to do my work to heal myself by looking for places I held pain and struggle in my life, to transform them. These major shifts in consciousness were all a part of the process for me. Over and over, I’d make a shift, and integrate it into my life. This process continues to this day.

Living (and thriving) in the emptiness

These days, I live in the emptiness. The emptiness is a place of complete surrender. When we’re in this place, we let go of the person we think we are. We let go of stories of good or bad. We let go of beliefs, judgments, and limitations. In the emptiness, we expand into the nothingness—which is everything. The sensation is similar to the experience of orgasm, wherein everything else falls away and all that’s left is right NOW.

Some people refer to this experience as God, Love, Presence, the Divine, or Pure Consciousness. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s f*cking magical.

From time to time, we all have these fleeting moments of profound stillness or emptiness; free of thought. It’s here, in this balancing act between presence and awareness, we can say we’ve had a little glimpse of what enlightenment is like.


In doing my work, I experienced the ultimate freedom. Freedom from fears, feelings of abandonment and rejection, loneliness, anger, pain, and struggle. As these feelings subsided, in came feelings of connection, love, and even joy. My intuition heightened, along with my ability to help others to clear issues and emotional charges.

Call this work whatever you want—some people call it woo-woo—I call it practical. I help people who are stuck in their life or in destructive habits, grieving, dealing with abuse, feelings of sadness, stress, abandonment, loneliness, or just plain misery—to make the necessary changes in their life so that they can have a new experience.

Accepting reality with open arms and making choices out of awareness is the foundation of this work. But knowing better doesn’t always mean doing better. I help my clients drop their blocks to living a healthy, vibrant life. Sometimes the blocks fall away in layers and sometimes they’re released all at once. Once they fall away, clients feel lighter and make better life choices.

As a result of doing this work, all of my relationships are richer. I’m happier, I get to do work I love, I have great relationships with my children, and I no longer tolerate others mistreating me—ever. This is why I’m a raving fan of this work and excited to share it with you.

I don’t think, “I’ve arrived” or that I have everything figured out. Life still kicks my butt from time to time, but now I live in the emptiness—which is just another way to say: I live in Love. I look normal on the outside; I still experience charged emotions from time to time, for example, I may get angry but I can’t stay mad for very long. Living in the emptiness, I just don’t have the same operating system anymore.  I’ve been able to rewrite the code.

I take my clients into the emptiness too—that’s why just hanging out with me can (and does) create major mental, emotional, and physical shifts even if they don’t notice it happening.

Energy work gave me my life back, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

I want to do the same thing for you.


I believe by courageously facing what causes you pain, you can free yourself to live a life you love. The good news is that you don’t have to know more, be more, or have more to get started on this journey of self-empowerment.

You have everything you need – I’ll show you how to access and use it. 

One of my superpowers is a highly tuned intuition that I use in everything I do. I pair this with my love, understanding, and acceptance of you to point to the root cause of your pain. Then, I support you while you take the pain and struggle and turn it into a big fat juicy fulfilling life.

This work is a process and shoulder-to-shoulder, I’ll guide you through it.

Together, we’ll figure out the root of what’s causing your frustrations. You’ll get the support you need to transform your life.

I’ve been blessed to have helped thousands of people overcome trauma, pain, and suffering to live more joyful, authentic lives. I can help you too.  Learn how we can work together.

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I can’t wait to chat with you!

I believe…

  • Wanting things to change is one thing, making it happen is another
  • Once you get real, you can heal
  • Life doesn’t have to be hard
  • In straight talk
  • Sex can be good; connected, intimate sex is glorious
  • In taking nothing seriously, even seriousness
  • The work takes courage and it’s a process
  • We need to get intimate with ourselves before we can be intimate with others
  • Loneliness is simply a lack of connection
  • This process offers you connection
  • We’ll do this together
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I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle