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Rita has taught me how to go into my pain and fears and to transform them into love and trust.

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Since working with Rita, I actually feel like I fit in my own skin and can relax. I have learned to listen and trust myself; I feel better, I actually love myself, I am proud of myself and feel more grounded and present in my life. I now have a voice and feel free within myself.

Rita is such a loving and kind person, and I always feel very supported and safe when we work together.

I’m getting more and more aware of things that I learned as a child, these things that I have believed, but that are not really true, things that I learned from my parents, teachers, etc. So, I’m on my way to finding myself. I used to wonder why I’m not really happy. I have a good life, I have a great job, a nice car and apartment, but inside I was not happy. With this work I’m getting to know myself, who I really am, what I really want – and this feels good, it is freeing. It is so much better to feel good about myself and love myself; to realize that I am loveable.

Barbara Ehrenfried

Rita Henry changed my life

Rita Henry changed my life. I would not be where I am today, loving myself and living my truth, without the peace and release she led me through.  

Rachel Corpus
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Since working with Rita, I’ve noticed a number of positive changes:

  • Reduced self hatred
  • Increased awareness
  • I am more present in my life
  • I take more personal responsibility
  • I have found my voice
  • Worked with my addictions – 1.5 years sober
  • Upgraded operating system to a higher level of consciousness
  • My sense of humor has returned
  • I am kinder and more gentle with myself and others
  • I have an increased acceptance of myself and others(still work in progress)
  • I more easily express my authentic self
  • I am better able to see and to tell the truth to myself and others
  • I find myself guided to support others in their healing journey
  • I enjoy a greater sense of wellness and contentment

I frequently recommend Rita to other people who are suffering and don’t know how to make their pain go away. To get the most out of your experience with Rita, be brutally honest with her and with yourself when picking up the phone. I feel that my sessions wouldn’t have been as transformative if I wasn’t so raw, open, and honest about my thoughts and feelings about my experiences. Also, make sure you trust the process and do a few sessions. I immensely enjoy Rita’s always open heart, kindness, and rockstar consciousness and I like that I can always be open and vulnerable and not feel judged. I am so grateful…

Brad Beracha

The more I do this work, the more I love my life!

The more I do this work, the more I love my life!

Jeana Abarca

Being supported by Rita makes all the difference in the world.

This work with Rita supports me. Since I have begun working with Rita, I am more accepting of my own feelings and emotions and I am not overwhelmed by them. Through working with Rita I have come to KNOW that no matter how painful it is, once I get through the pain that is where the peace is. When I am sitting in the pain, I can’t see a new way until my eyes are opened. Rita shows me a new way and helps me to open my eyes. With this work, I don’t have to do it alone. I feel safe with Rita and know there is no reason to hide. I don’t feel judged at all. Being supported by Rita makes all the difference in the world.

Charise Weigel

A year ago my husband and I were hanging on by a thread and we didn’t know that we could be this happy.

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Rita has been a major part of the growth my husband and I have experienced in the past year. A year ago we were hanging on by a thread and we didn’t know that we could be this happy. We are seeing our marriage literally transform before our eyes and we are experiencing much greater intimacy and fun! Once again we are taking simple joy in each others presence and I am so grateful to Rita for facilitating that!

My life has completely transformed. Through phone sessions with Rita, I have gained access to an octave of joy that I did not know was possible. I went from operating in depression with victimization and disempowerment running the show, to now living a majority of the time with joy. And when I am not feeling love and joy then I look at myself and see what within me needs attention. Of course I am a work in progress and I don’t always do this, but man it feels so great not to blame the outside world for what is going on inside of me. I have learned so much from Rita, and I am grateful to the point of tears for her presence, for all the work she has done and continues to do and for her wild enthusiasm and encouragement that she offers to my husband and myself and so many others. Rita is an inspiration.

Caroline Vernon

I’ve experienced a welcome change.

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My world is a happier place because of Rita. I am so grateful! With her guidance, I’ve experienced a welcome change. Only after sessions with Rita did I realize that my life was controlled by anger, bitterness, and a sense of being “less than.” Letting go of some my old stories has freed space for feeling love – and being more loving. I admit it’s both scary and refreshing when she calls me out on pretending. It’s become such a lifelong habit. I love her truth! Rita speaks like a loving parent. Words cannot express the genuine happiness that seems to bubble up from deep inside after I’ve met with Rita. It’s a happiness that feels so connected – the exact opposite of isolation. Pure peace.

As I continue to explore the real me, I look forward to more sessions with Rita. I love that she provides a variety of working with her, (Sessions, Energy Transmissions and Healing Retreats). I’ve been calling them my tune-ups as I explain to my husband what I am experiencing. He has been very supportive of the process, especially because he feels that he benefits from the happiness I feel.

I truly feel blessed. Connecting with Rita has been a loving encounter.

Peg Smith

Rita’s example is the best form of mentorship a girl could ask for.

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Rita has taught me to fly. And flying I am. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by living passionately and in love. I have learned to trust my Self, my guides, and my intuition while remaining open to possibilities I don’t even know exist. I have Rita to thank for all of that. Riding that “fine line” of what and how to trust has always been my Achilles heel. Letting go and accepting and trying on imperfectly is and can be so much fun. But, let’s be real here…it can be harrowing as well. That’s when I appreciate Rita THE MOST! I will always love and honor her support and our relationship.

Rita has pushed me beyond my B.S….beyond my small world…into the open and loving Universe. I can now have even more compassion for myself and others. I can see the pain and the good in us and I can love it all. More importantly, I can feel and know there are no good or bad feelings…they just are, and in awareness, I can learn so much more about myself (and others).

I AM courageous. Rita has helped me to know what that means and to live it. I will always be grateful for that. As I continue to grow, I am blessed to have Rita’s loving, unconditional, safe, non-judgmental support in telling the truth faster. What a lucky girl am I!

Tina Kern

After every session with Rita, I leave with a new insight that I never imagined before walking in the door.

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There were times when I came for one reason and quickly discovered that’s not why I was there at all. This process gives me pieces and layers of Truth where I need it most.

I’ve had many guides along my path. All have been helpful, all have been a blessing. Rita has special gifts that helped me jump over a cavern of challenges, and without her amazing guidance, I could not say today, with knowing, that life is good, life is precious, life is Love.

Sharon Parker Leinihan
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This work with Rita has allowed me to wake up in the morning and feel okay and that is important. I literally feel better then I ever have in my entire life so I must be doing something right.

Jerrad McCord

In Love

🙏🙏🙏I think about the way you can meet me anywhere “IN LOVE” and how shocking that was and how powerful love is! ❤️ It’s a powerful magic that I want to keep getting stronger within myself! I’m so lucky to have you in my life. ❤❤️”  ~ Michelle Zimmerman


Michelle Zimmerman

Rita’s special caring touch and healing has given my mother new life, new attitude and newly found love and forgiveness for herself.

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I am so grateful for the love Rita has shown for my mother, Bettie. And the most awesome thing is that Mom wants more more more!

Last evening, I visited mom… just me and her in her hospital room. I have waited forty-one years to feel the way I did during those two hours with my mom. It was the most intimate conversation we have ever had. I remember years ago she told me that what is in the past doesn’t matter and that she was too old to “want help with her many unfortunate life experiences.” Last evening she said she is ready to heal … and she wasn’t talking about physical recovery. Ohhhh! How we children of her will reap the benefits!

I thank God for Rita! For her caring loving way! For her smiles and warms hugs! For who she is to each of my family members! And especially just for being Rita!

Ann Brown
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I went to my first session with Rita when I was going through my divorce. I had a friend who mentioned she had a “healer” and in my pain, that sounded like a glass of water after crossing a desert. I had a constant throbbing pain in my right shoulder blade I couldn’t seem to lose with ibuprofen, the chiropractor, doctor’s visits. My soul hurt. My body hurt. I was prime for healing.

Rita, sat down with me and discussed everything happening in my life, goals for the session, etc. She then placed me on a massage table and sat down next to me. After a few quiet moments, she reached under my shoulder to touch the point that was hurting, I was a bit surprised. She asked me, “What is this?” Out of me bubbled an answer without thought, “Betrayal.” Throughout the course of that session we dug through layers of betrayal. At first I thought it was my husband’s betrayal as he was divorcing me. At quitting us. Then as the session went on it became apparent that it was my own betrayal of self. Desperately clinging to a marriage that did not honor my soul and made me miserable. Not loving myself enough to expect love for myself. Not using my voice because it was punished. Allowing myself to become so NOT myself. The layers of pain simply fell away.

(I got as much out of that first session with Rita as I did with years of therapy.)

I compare that session to years of therapy. Effortlessly, I exposed the pain within myself, both hidden and known, and released it. I left Rita not only without an aching shoulder, but with an aura I described at the time as a peppermint as it was so tingly and joy-filled. The session gave me a center to return to when I got out of whack. It taught me what it is to feel healthy. To be love. I cannot say enough about the powerful transformation that occurred in that session. I was blessed the day I met Rita Henry. I continue to treasure the blessings she provides.

Andrea DeLara

Loving and professional support given during those hard & dark times was transformative for me.

I’ve worked closely with Rita for a couple of years and the loving and professional support given during those hard & dark times was transformative for me. I certainly hadn’t seen those life challenges coming my way but when they did I needed someone who I could trust to help me see my way out of confusion and back into the creative, generous, joyful, compassionate & loving person I am.

Without Rita I would’ve likely stayed stuck & miserable faking and pretending that everything was okay, when it wasn’t…

All my love & blessings to anyone who may be struggling or worried about what to do when their world is upside down. AND THANK YOU 💛 RITA!!

Rita provides a safe place to see and feel what I don’t know how to see and feel on my own.

Drew Maifeld

Rita cuts through the crap but does it with compassion and loving kindness.

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Rita has helped me to release fears, have a voice and to be more compassionate toward myself and others. Rita has taught me to let others be where they are; not where I want them to be which is huge and not always easy. Even though there is fun and laughter along with the work, I know issues will be cleared and more space will be opened up. Since I started working with Rita, I am a different person and live more open hearted. I love working with Rita and I recommend it to anyone in need of assistance.

Kerry Johnson

My Entire Life has Shifted

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Since working with Rita my entire life has shifted and for the first time in my life I am able to experience love in its rawest form. I am more aware of the limitations I created in my life and in my relationships too. Working with Rita offers a level of safety that I have never experienced in life before, nor would have ever been able to achieve without her presence. She loves without judgement or expectations.

My first phone session consisted of me in sobbing tears for the first 15 min. (before an introduction ever came). It was not something she said, it was something I felt. For anyone who knows me, tears and weakness were not even something my I had allowed my family or anyone to see since I was about 5 years old.

I would recommend Rita’s services to everyone. If you want to do anything for yourself in life, so not to look back one day and say “Where did the time go?”, “How did I get here?”, “Why am I still doing this?”, if you truly want answers to happiness or love….. let Rita help.

Working with Rita has COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE for the better! I only wish I would have met Rita sooner! Even my kids are benefitting from the work I am doing, as I am ending toxic life patterns that I learned as a child.

Through working with Rita, I LOVE WHO I AM, AND I LOVE MYSELF WITH ALL OF MY FLAWS. I have a lot of work to do but I’m not afraid to walk directly through it and I never have to feel alone!!!!!

Marcy Burns
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At some point in my 30s, I was spinning my wheels in a job I hated, trying to answer the question of “What am I supposed to be doing with my life,” feeling completely lost. I turned to conventional therapy to help me uncover my issues and find my true purpose. Yet, each time I left my therapist’s office, I found myself more frustrated than before I walked in. Week after week, therapy was a never-ending platform for me to vent and swim in negativity. We talked and talked … but in that setting, I never advanced beyond the problem. And that, was a problem!

I found Rita because I inquired about learning meditation for stress relief. What I didn’t expect was for someone to take one look at me and understand me so clearly on the first visit! I recall not fully understanding her process AND completely trusting that it would work. After more than a year of spinning my wheels in therapy, I left Rita’s office after one visit in a daze of relief.

What I know more than a decade later, is that working with Rita helps me understand myself better. This is what sets Rita apart from conventional talk therapy. With her support, I found solutions within myself that I didn’t even know were there. Miraculously, I saw everything around me change for the better … after I changed myself. It sounds easy but it takes work. I love “working” with Rita and highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for another way.

Erika Brask

There are lots of healers in this world, but I believe Rita Henry is one of the best.

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Over the years, she’s developed her natural skill for healing into an extraordinary gift that makes people’s lives better in miraculous ways. She also shares her own light and joy — just being around her makes you feel better. If you haven’t had a session with Rita Henry, you owe it to yourself. You’ll experience healing on every level — mind, body, and spirit.

Debra Engle, author of The Only Little Prayer You Need and Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

Results come from Doing the Work

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Those times as a child trying to fall asleep in my bed sometimes the darkness would paralyze me with fear. I found safety and refuge focusing on the glimmer of light beneath my door. Maybe you can relate?

I started working with Rita the fall of 2017 after the worst experience of my life. My journey from suffering to gratitude; Rita is the light.

I am a mother, veteran, nurse and a survivor of domestic violence and marital rape. At nearly every stage in my own investigation I was treated as unimportant. The layers of shame and insecurity were so thick it smothered me like the summer humidity in Iowa.

I have read just about every self help book you can imagine. I have tried multiple religious practices, meditation, Buddhism, eating clean, juicing – you name it! One of the first questions Rita asked me when I met her was, “Are you ready for a new experience?”; At the time, I didn’t think much of it. As Rita would say, “Welcome to humanity.”  Reflecting back now after 7-8 months working with Rita – I GET IT!

I am learning how to heal the forgotten and buried pain by allowing it to come up and be healed.

I am no longer surrounded by darkness seeking refuge from the sliver of light. I am the light!

Results come from “doing the work”; nevertheless, to be a successful student, I need a damn good teacher! The greatest gift Rita has given me is the power to access love of self. When you see and feel life from a place of love of self – YOU WILL HAVE A NEW LIFE EXPERIENCE! WHOA!

I rest in God. I rest in Love. Most days I can let go of what no longer serves me. I am survivor. I am a warrior. I am amazing. Most importantly I AM LOVE!

Endless gratitude for Rita Henry and the work she does!

Gina Battani

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