Those times as a child trying to fall asleep in my bed sometimes the darkness would paralyze me with fear. I found safety and refuge focusing on the glimmer of light beneath my door. Maybe you can relate?

I started working with Rita the fall of 2017 after the worst experience of my life. My journey from suffering to gratitude; Rita is the light.

I am a mother, veteran, nurse and a survivor of domestic violence and marital rape. At nearly every stage in my own investigation I was treated as unimportant. The layers of shame and insecurity were so thick it smothered me like the summer humidity in Iowa.

I have read just about every self help book you can imagine. I have tried multiple religious practices, meditation, Buddhism, eating clean, juicing – you name it! One of the first questions Rita asked me when I met her was, “Are you ready for a new experience?”; At the time, I didn’t think much of it. As Rita would say, “Welcome to humanity.”  Reflecting back now after 7-8 months working with Rita – I GET IT!

I am learning how to heal the forgotten and buried pain by allowing it to come up and be healed.

I am no longer surrounded by darkness seeking refuge from the sliver of light. I am the light!

Results come from “doing the work”; nevertheless, to be a successful student, I need a damn good teacher! The greatest gift Rita has given me is the power to access love of self. When you see and feel life from a place of love of self – YOU WILL HAVE A NEW LIFE EXPERIENCE! WHOA!

I rest in God. I rest in Love. Most days I can let go of what no longer serves me. I am survivor. I am a warrior. I am amazing. Most importantly I AM LOVE!

Endless gratitude for Rita Henry and the work she does!

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle