I am so grateful for the love Rita has shown for my mother, Bettie. And the most awesome thing is that Mom wants more more more!

Last evening, I visited mom… just me and her in her hospital room. I have waited forty-one years to feel the way I did during those two hours with my mom. It was the most intimate conversation we have ever had. I remember years ago she told me that what is in the past doesn’t matter and that she was too old to “want help with her many unfortunate life experiences.” Last evening she said she is ready to heal … and she wasn’t talking about physical recovery. Ohhhh! How we children of her will reap the benefits!

I thank God for Rita! For her caring loving way! For her smiles and warms hugs! For who she is to each of my family members! And especially just for being Rita!

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle