I went to my first session with Rita when I was going through my divorce. I had a friend who mentioned she had a “healer” and in my pain, that sounded like a glass of water after crossing a desert. I had a constant throbbing pain in my right shoulder blade I couldn’t seem to lose with ibuprofen, the chiropractor, doctor’s visits. My soul hurt. My body hurt. I was prime for healing.

Rita, sat down with me and discussed everything happening in my life, goals for the session, etc. She then placed me on a massage table and sat down next to me. After a few quiet moments, she reached under my shoulder to touch the point that was hurting, I was a bit surprised. She asked me, “What is this?” Out of me bubbled an answer without thought, “Betrayal.” Throughout the course of that session we dug through layers of betrayal. At first I thought it was my husband’s betrayal as he was divorcing me. At quitting us. Then as the session went on it became apparent that it was my own betrayal of self. Desperately clinging to a marriage that did not honor my soul and made me miserable. Not loving myself enough to expect love for myself. Not using my voice because it was punished. Allowing myself to become so NOT myself. The layers of pain simply fell away.

(I got as much out of that first session with Rita as I did with years of therapy.)

I compare that session to years of therapy. Effortlessly, I exposed the pain within myself, both hidden and known, and released it. I left Rita not only without an aching shoulder, but with an aura I described at the time as a peppermint as it was so tingly and joy-filled. The session gave me a center to return to when I got out of whack. It taught me what it is to feel healthy. To be love. I cannot say enough about the powerful transformation that occurred in that session. I was blessed the day I met Rita Henry. I continue to treasure the blessings she provides.

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle