Since working with Rita, I’ve noticed a number of positive changes:

  • Reduced self hatred
  • Increased awareness
  • I am more present in my life
  • I take more personal responsibility
  • I have found my voice
  • Worked with my addictions – 1.5 years sober
  • Upgraded operating system to a higher level of consciousness
  • My sense of humor has returned
  • I am kinder and more gentle with myself and others
  • I have an increased acceptance of myself and others(still work in progress)
  • I more easily express my authentic self
  • I am better able to see and to tell the truth to myself and others
  • I find myself guided to support others in their healing journey
  • I enjoy a greater sense of wellness and contentment

I frequently recommend Rita to other people who are suffering and don’t know how to make their pain go away. To get the most out of your experience with Rita, be brutally honest with her and with yourself when picking up the phone. I feel that my sessions wouldn’t have been as transformative if I wasn’t so raw, open, and honest about my thoughts and feelings about my experiences. Also, make sure you trust the process and do a few sessions. I immensely enjoy Rita’s always open heart, kindness, and rockstar consciousness and I like that I can always be open and vulnerable and not feel judged. I am so grateful…

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle