Since working with Rita, I actually feel like I fit in my own skin and can relax. I have learned to listen and trust myself; I feel better, I actually love myself, I am proud of myself and feel more grounded and present in my life. I now have a voice and feel free within myself.

Rita is such a loving and kind person, and I always feel very supported and safe when we work together.

I’m getting more and more aware of things that I learned as a child, these things that I have believed, but that are not really true, things that I learned from my parents, teachers, etc. So, I’m on my way to finding myself. I used to wonder why I’m not really happy. I have a good life, I have a great job, a nice car and apartment, but inside I was not happy. With this work I’m getting to know myself, who I really am, what I really want – and this feels good, it is freeing. It is so much better to feel good about myself and love myself; to realize that I am loveable.

I can't wait to see you in the Inner Circle